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>tfw we finally get to see Negima's missing ending and final battle

And it was every bit as amazing as I imagined it would be. Damn it, I wish we'd have gotten this in the actual story. Ken could have done 10 more chapters to wrap it up.
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do we know who negi fugged yet
we don't know who he fugged at this point, just that he liked chisame
Are we even sure he fugged anyone in either timeline?

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I'm marathoning this with my sister over the next few days, did we like it?
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So annoying jee whiz just start a fucking Utena thread normally you dumb nerd
Read the sticky, crossposter.
You're right but if I just posted Utena thread there'd be a higher chance of it getting deleted, and we're only like 4 episodes in so there's not much I can say beyond really enjoying it and thinking the art direction is some of the most unique I've seen in a while.

It's a japanese student invents crop rotation episode.
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I was expecting her to introduce slavery.
Oh boy, more isekai shit. Has she invented antibiotics and guns yet?
Princess will introduce slavery in Lesbion.

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Do you think Galko's big hands are cute?
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Big enough.
Everything about Galko is cute.
Even her hairy butthole?

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Last thread was deleted. Manga adaptations starts on September 26th.
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Mods and jannies btfo
Mods just don't know what "Do you like a mother whose normal attack is a double hit on all targets" means.
And some anon get banned due to that.

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Is "Good girls don't have abortions" the moral of Clannad?
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It's more like "Help others and magical karma will make you happy."
They were married before she got pregnant, they probably wanted to have kids.
If I were a woman who's about to have a baby that looks like a Clannad character, I would abort it for sure.

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What if there's no Pizza Hut this time
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Then I got my new job there for nothing
There is no Pizza Hut.
What are all the new Knightmare's going to be named after if we're out of Knights of the Round?

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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He was a good friend.
Stop replying.
Because the series was heavily marketed to fujoshit on the basis of the homoerotic conflict between Lelouche and Suzaku after it worked so well with Athrun and Kira in Gundam SEED.

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Episode 8 is live.

Where my bros at?
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Who're the focus this time around?
Little bit of everyone, but mostly focus on 1st year HS plus mission impossible: Misaki.
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Aannd it ends. That was fast. Mostly SoL stuff without any fighting. Hope the subs iut fast so we can start discussion. Seems not many people can stream it live.

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Where are the games?
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Why call it ゲーマーズ!, when it should be call 誤解ース!
How badly does Karen want to watch Keita fuck Chiaki?
Not at all?

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>Knightmare Frames are humanoid war machines developed by the Holy Britannian Empire.
>Unveiled during the invasion of Japan, Knightmare Frames are almost exclusively used in place, and sometimes alongside of the practically obsolete main battle tanks.

How can Knightmare make MBTs obsolete when on the same weight, an MBT would have better protection and firepower?
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Mechas are a retarded concept in general, but who cares.
Rule of cool. Also wrong board.
They show why during the series, Knightmares are too agile for tanks to deal with.

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Sometimes I wonder whether Ange is really pretending or it's indeed her real personality. At least that scene where she gets angry for the princess seemed genuine. Or maybe she's actually got multiple personalities disorder
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I've waited a whole week for this episode.
I was sort of hoping they hire real steam engineers to fix the washing machines.
I was dissappointed when they did it themselves.
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Left or Right?

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What the hell? There's another EVA girl?
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Rei's still the best
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>What the hell? There's another EVA girl?
Yeah, you're right, there is.

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Will this ever get translated? It's probably like Darwin's Game but better.
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I can translate it. He's saying "happy birthday, Akila-kun"
Just according to keikaku.

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