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UQ Holder ch 137 spoilers incoming.
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Spoilers link:
>Kirie won the poll
All that pushing was wildly successful it seems.

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Welcome to the Succubus Store, /a/non

What will you order tonight?
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One that is actually sexy.
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A pure succubus wife please
The one furthest to the left, I want to be inside her forever.

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Is it worth watching /a/?
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only for Ragyo
It's not like your time is worth anything.
Fuck yeah. If anything, watch up to the first major fight against Satsuki. I think you'll be hooked.

Honestly this is one my favorite shows ever. Im sure you're gonna have people on here say it sucked but I think most of /a/ really enjoyed it.

ITT underrated girls from popular anime
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God, Milly is so hot.
Milly is the best
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How did you feel about Chaika in the end? As in the actual show, not the memes.
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decent show up until second season shit the bed
S1 was pretty good, S2 was rushed as balls
Pretty good until season 2 happened

Not much longer now.
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>Not much longer now.
what, new season? new LN chapter?
Well this show was good for the first 7 episodes.
yen press

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jeusu christ
>tomo in sempai's room

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So what's going to happen now that the flashback is over?
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>you will never be as high as Borsalino
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This probably happens every night...
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And then wake up like this

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what would you be willing to give up so you could be with your waifu?
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It's not a question of what I would give up. I would want to be with my waifu, so what I would do would be whatever is required for that to happen. The actions necessary are irrelevant.
This mortal coil.
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Nothing. The sooner you accept you're going to die alone the easier it will be.

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Special Powers Tier List:

>God tier:
Large scale creation. Shape-shifting. Dimensional travel.
>High tier:
Psychic powers, Item creation. Space magic.
>Mid tier:
Elemental magic or anything based on the elements, Necromancy, invisibility,
>Low tier:
Darkness, Soul eating, Blood manipulation.
>Shit tier:
Clothing destruction, Swords.
>Keikaku tier:
Mind control.
>Explosion tier:
>Rape tier:
Stopping time.
>Suffering tier:
Time travel, Clairvoyance, Immortality.
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i used to be GOD.......................................................
God says...
think_you_could_do_better relax vermin arent_you_clever I'll_be_back far_out_man et_tu programming impossible do_you_know_what_time_it_is epic_fail nevada bad_ol_puddytat tiffanies atheist when_hell_freezes_over smart What_I_want LoLo ahh_thats_much_better spunky what_part_of_God_do_you_not_understand super_computer Hasta I_was_sleeping you_never_know you_see_the_light I'll_get_right_on_it gosh woot humility I'm_bored
Immortality is great if you're not a whiny faggot.
>no Death Note
Nice MOAB though.

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>I'm just a normal 13 year old

Normal 13 year olds aren't sexy dumb Luluco
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Stop lewding my daughterfu
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best girl coming thru

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>This sold 30-40k in its first 3 days and is getting a reprint.
How do you feel about this anons?
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I feel like the cake route has shown itself.
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lit chan sleepy.jpg
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Pretty happy
Also Fumino is best girl and most underrated
Not exactly a surprise. Nips love to eat up this shit. I also think /sci/ is cute.

As long as it keeps the fujo manga away from Jump it's okay.

Name one character who could kill Yaha-kui zaShunina.
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This golden beast.
Is that a woman or a man? Those legs confuse me.
a wo-man

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What went right?
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Giant monsters beating the shit out of each other.
MC role is divided among many characters, they all have significance.
Episode 21is legit one of the best anime episodes ever
Soundtrack is really good
Not the allocation of Dark Master screentime, that's for sure. The coolest one got the least number of episodes, which was some bullshit.

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Why does /a/ dislike this anime? Was it to over the top?
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What are you talking about? That is like the only universally liked anime in existence.
I just wanted a Future Diary thread tbqh.
It's intended to either be watched twice, or once by a smart person.

A lot of /a/ think they're smart but they're not, so they see "plot holes" and "bad characterisation" everywhere, because they can't understand Yuno's motives.

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