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What is your opinion on Schierke?
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She need a good fucking
>Kawaii loli witch in what used to be a dark fantasy setting
I hate her. Berserk is shit now, but many seem to like the direction the series took.
In a more lighthearted fantasy setting I wouldn't mind her character as much.
fuck you dude

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>Still nr. 1 on MAL
Does it deserve the praise?
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>Trusting MAL
To an extent.
Should take MAL rankings with a grain of salt but to get to first place it must be doing something right.

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Asterisk slutwalk.webm
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Do you think Asterisk is ever getting S3? Or adaptation of that yuri spin-off?
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Thankfully never.
I hope so. I would enjoy more Julis. Also the OP'd Chinese loli and badass whiteknight guy get in on the action, so that's cool.
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3MB, 896x504px

S3 would be fun. We'd see Kirin getting her sharingan and soloing a guy Ayato couldn't.

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Goddamn did this show suck ass. Only good part were the thighs
>Not the god tier OP
>Not the beautiful artwork
>Not the characters

This show was fine
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Seven apples on a witch's tree.
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With seven dicks to plant inside of me.
>Seven seeds to plant inside of me

What did she mean by this?

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What the FUCK was his problem?
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Not enough police girl pussy.
>Literally vlad the impailer

What's going on with To Love-Ru?
Did Rito really not put it in every girl?
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Isn't he like 15?
That would be illegal desu
the harem plan is coming together

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The only exception is Haruka Kanata
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Shounen Heart > Days
World End > O2
HEATS > Ima ga Sono Toki Da
Cause I Feel > Plastic Tic-Tacs
Bloody Brother > Honoo no Kokuin
>HEATS > Ima ga Sono Toki Da

categorically wrong
+ exception for Darker Than Black

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Post your favorites
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last exile.jpg
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The Rolling Girls.gif
1MB, 500x333px

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>Literally chosen because of her intellect and resourcefulness
>Turn her into a glorified wagon for the other smart character to ride around on
>Don't assign any strategist to guide the other stupid Warriors
>Idiots go full retarded as soon as their one semi-competent leader Marcel dies to save the weakest link

Why the fuck didn't they give Pieck the Jaw Titan and make Reiner the Mule?
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Go Ask hajime isayama
>pussy ass king locks himself on island
>floods his island with titans for shits and giggles
>go to war
>realize there are resources on island
>send soldiers to get resources
>one of the soldiers gets eaten by titan you put there

Marley isn't very good at this.
It would be like if Erwin hang out at the SL headquarters and kept Armin around as his fuccboi while the other scouts attacked Shiganshina District.

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Yuis gonna win.

Also should we consider this series as on hiatus?
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Yukino > Iroha > Yui
show her some love or she will be a teenager whore
Are you fucking retarded? Kill yourself you stupid faggot. Yui > Irowhore > Yukinoshitter

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Hey mister, do you want to come over to our pool party? We have root beer
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Somethin seems suspicious. You wouldn't happen to have any rock CDs, would you?
Not sure, what kind of music will there be?
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>About to sleep
>See this image

Well shit

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Tomo looks like a giant next to him.
What I want: senpai realizes his feelings for Carol. What it will almost certainly be: Tomo realizes to an extent, while senpai remains ignorant.


And is also raising massive death flags.
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Nah, this is the kind of manga where nobody dies. Even Shion is sort of alright inside the holy sword.
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Yeah but he's apparently hiding a big secret.

Girl sitting down = little sister
Titty monster standing = his female childhood friend who his male friend was in love with.
Seems hero acquires a curse. They don't get to go to the same afterlife as everybody else.

They get locked in their own personal afterlife.

Post seiyuu who should get more roles.
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Post seiyuu with lickable feet.
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I want to go to Hawaii with Shikorin.

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