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>Witch who fights Nazis

How did they fuck up this premise and make this Anime completely forgettable?
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I will never forget Izetta
They added yuri and tried to make it melodramatic.

Oh the horrors of war! This busty young girl on a broom is laying waste to battalions of soldiers while her equally young girlfriend leads a nation in exile! Another witch shows up to be the big bad villain and she's a clone made by the Nazis of a 500-year old witch that girlfriend's ancestor's betrayed!

It was too stupid to be believable even by anime standards and they tried to be very serious about it. SW did magic and unrealistic tech in WWII with cute girls much better.
I remember it though.

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what the HELL was wrong with her?
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I blame the eldritch horror living in her hair.
She needed to get some dick
She has two parasites tuck to her head.

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Move over Ghibli and Toei, there's a new powerhouse in town.

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don't fucking give me a heart attack like this jesus fucking christ it's bound to happen anyway
the only one that will make money is free!
>sales autist
kill yourself

Will Kuga job to Tsukasa again? Also chapter 218 spoilers will come out soon
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It's pretty obvious that Kuga will job hard against Tsukasa
Spoilers when?

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Name one thing he did wrong
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Not loving his wife.
Stopping once he got a decent result.
Those first few failure kids. But at least he was tenacious, truly an inspiration.

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Konata is your fuckbuddy, now and forever.
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If only.
If only.
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Konata is property of Kagamin
No thaaaaaaaank you.

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Do you feel sexual lust towards your waifu more, or pure, genuine family love towards her more?
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40% lust
60% familial love and wish to protect
One waifu for love.

One waifu for lewds.

One waifu for when I need a lad.

The perfect harem trinity
Family and protective love I guess. Maybe a little empathy too.

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Who is the best girl?
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The one I fap to more.
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Asuka is for pump-and-dump, Rei is for marriage.

why didn't Guts get a piece of that succulent moth pussy
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Such wasted potential. I would love for modern Miura to revisit the moth girls.
He did pierce her alright

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what's the best soundtrack from an anime you've heard?
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HxH 2011 has some amazing bgm. If we're just talking op/ed I could never decide.
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Definitely Tatami Galaxy.
Beyblades had the best songs bar none.

Was Occultic;Nine a misunderstood masterpiece?
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It was mainly just misunderstood
It's an underrated masturbationpiece.
Normalfags disgusted by big tits refused to watch it.

Even though it's full Kino

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Kato a BEST

Utaha and Eriri fags need not to apply.
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They finally do something int he series?
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She's cute, Still boring as fuck though.
How boring

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What was the point of Phantom World?
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to please penis
The sweater is the key to all of this.
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That Manami A SHIT? No need, thank you.
reminder that my lovely angel ayase-tan was best and you know it
That's awfully closeminded

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There's never a Vagabond thread, which shows /a/'s tastes are suboptimal. Here's me fixing that problem. Now /a/ is closer to being invincible under the sun.
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There's never a Vagabond thread because there's never a Vagabond chapter. Let it go until it returns. Simply, let it go.
Inoue is such a lazy fuck,
Hiatus will never end. There is still a whole book to adapt.

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