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anime girls are so short
And because we always see shows from their perspective, they actually seem much taller than they are. Your mind subconsciously interprets them to be the same height as you, when in reality you'd probably be able to hand out headpats left and right even if you aren't actually that tall.

How tall is your waifu? Would you be able to headpat her?
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I like normal heights but my girl is very short.
My wife is 149
Only two of the girls there are shorter than me

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akane on the front page.jpg
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New chapter.
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After putting it off for a while I've decided to start Hidamari Sketch. It has a very odd but unique feel compared to other slice of life shows--lots of quick cuts, and of course the backgrounds and the presence of cropped photographs of items. It actually gives the feel of an artistic project (fitting since it's about arts students), so while it took a bit to get used to I really like the direction.

What are your thoughts on Hidamari Sketch? Also, post wide.
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Thoughts? Best SoL ever, one of the best anime ever.
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Watched it earlier this year and loved it. Maybe it was because it had a lot of seasons, but it was really fucking good. Don't rush it, enjoy it, anon.
I agree with this guy, Hidamari Sketch is my favorite anime, I watch it at least once a year.

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Inaban a cute, A CUTE!
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At least use a different pic, she looks depressed
As far as pure attractiveness of voice goes this was one of Sawashiro's best roles. And actually there was a fair bit of variety in there for her too.

That's kind of cute though.

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Does she intimidates you?
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No, because I am her. I am Shinka Nibutani.
Okay seriously. I have seen numerous threads the past few days about this former chuuni bitch. What the fuck is going on? Is there a new OVA dropped or some shit? Did some new dub drop on a children's network? Last I heard the second movie is coming out in 2018.
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This is the anime of the decade.
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>This is the most pretentious anime of the decade
This is a great anime
Aku no Hana was even more pretentious just for using the rotoscope.

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Left or Right?
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The twist is that it's before and after
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Swipe left on both, biiiiitch

I just got off the phone with the director. The chances for anime original ending are 200%.
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Quality thread.
I want to like this show, but all the drama is a heavy handed unsubtle attempt at making you get attached to a character whose death they spoiled in the first minute of the first episode.
I want to fuck a leprechaun.

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Find a flaw
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cold bitch.

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Holy shit, this was fucking great! Is this the full-length AOTY, or what?

I reaaallly wanted to murder Ueno though
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>I reaaallly wanted to murder Ueno though
I reaaallly wanted to hug Ueno though
I'm the biggest kyoanus licker there is but KnK was trash
> the full-length AOTY
As opposed to what? Are you trying to exclude shorts or something? And it's not even from this year, anyway.

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2003 vs brotherhood.jpg
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Hard mode: No best girl/boy stuff
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Pretty sure Edward Elric can kick Edward Elric's ass. How's this even up for debate?
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I like 2003's character designs better. Better colors, Brotherhood feels like it copied the manga's designs.

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Inferno Cop 2 confirmed

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I hope they have an "animated" sequence like the Ninja Slayer finale
I guess after Little Flop Academia Trigger realized spending more than 2000 yen on production is a waste because everything they make will be shit regardless.

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>you're run over by truck-kun and reincarnated in a new world

>what is your power?

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pathetic not gob.png
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Is gob slayer isekai?
>Book Jumping: The user can transport themselves to into any kind of book, whether or not the stories in them are real. They can either assume the roles of certain characters, an observer, or themselves while in the story.
brb jumping into a bible and becoming god
>Japanese isekai is shit
>Korean isekai is shit
>Chinese isekai is shit
Is isekai a cancerous genere?

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Big Mom.png
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Oda has confirmed that she has been knocked up by 43 different men over her pirate career.

How desperate would you have to be to have sex with Charlotte Linlin?
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I mean, it's fucking Lin "Big Mom" Lin, with her you either do or your die.
They were probably REAL desperate.
"Kiss me or I'll crush you!"
And for some reason alot of her daughter are hot

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Hi this was really bad
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Too cliche
File: 1489075937688.jpg (4MB, 2560x7200px)Image search: [Google]
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The plot is meh, but Aki is worth it.
Pastel panties took points off

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