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did this rattle your soul like it did mine?
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Watched it like 10 years ago i don't even remember what i felt
was this on north american networks? i almost feel like i saw something like this back in the detour days
pain in the brain

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was early bleach superior?
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Going to Soul Society was a mistake.
Is that even a question
SS was a mistake. The shinigami became too popular.

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Senpai, where are you looking at?
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Your boobs you fucking slut, now whip em out.
Your breasts. I'm sorry if that upsets you or makes you uncomfortable, but in the end I am still a man with carnal desires and your body is beautiful. Rest at east though, I'm not barbaric and I won't touch you and I am trying not to look but something my eyes just go there. Please just consider it a compliment.
>Junior high student

Prison shall be worth it.

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Am i wasting my time watching this?
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only if you are a poseur
I mean like the only thing i like about it is when they screw up like it makes for some odd outcomes and they act all twitchy and awkward. Its like this show has some weird hidden darker side but i dont it feel that often. also im expecting miki and producer to get in some scandalous affair or something
It's not like you have anything better to be doing with your worthless life.

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Well, what's your excuse for not applying?
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The icecaps are melting we'll all be dead in the next decade due to the gas trapped inside.

If you are working you are a retard wasting what little time you have left.
Please, I'm living trash but I have more self-respect than to do that to myself.
I don't feel like working 10-hour, 7 days a week shifts with unpaid crunch time for minimum wage

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How hard would you a Mars?
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The real questions is, how hard would Mars my dick?
I want her to sit on my face and pee in my mouth.
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Venus > Mars > Mercury > Jupiter > Moon

Just started watching this and it's so fucking cute. Why didn't you tell me about it, /a/? Just kidding you did tell me about it, that's why I'm watching it.
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what the fuck is wrong with that child in the locker
Usami is the qtest. Then again she's the only relevant girl I've seen.

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How do you top this series?
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overrated shit
You can't enjoy this unless you watch every episode, and the first 20ish are pretty slow.

One of my top animes go to when there's nothing else to watch.
You don't.

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How do you feel when a seiyuu you like does hentai/eroge?
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A hundred dollars gone.
Aroused and ashamed.
Pretty awesome. Hearing Rina Satou moan is hot.

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Your going to buy my Blu Ray when it comes out next month right anon?

Also think Mizuno's new show will be any good?
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Hell yes I will. The OAV was the first dvd I bought.
The Blu Rays have been out for years though

If you mean giving money to Funimation, then I would rather not
Fair enough

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Friendly reminder that the most beautiful scene in anime history aired yesterday.
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well what was it?
Can't say I cared much for it

When will they reveal why there are titans in the walls
I know Elf is best girl but don't take the piss.

>Tfw when you're behind on several anime from last goddamn year
>Tfw there's a huge backlog of anime from this decade and the one before that you STILL haven't watched
>Haven't watched Stein's:Gate
>Haven't finished Monogatari
>Haven't finished Haruhi or other shows from the same period
What do? Where to even start?
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Read Steins;Gate. The anime is great, but the original VN is brilliant. If you like that, read Steins;Gate 0.
>Guy has huge backlog
>Here! spend 30 hours reading this VN!
never change /a/

seriously though read the S;G VN, it is very good
as is S;G 0
Break off all your social contacts, if you have some. Also quit going to school/university/your job. Then start reading Steins;Gate while watching a show to your liking simultaneously. Then start realizing that you are never going to make it and kill yourself.

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Should I read the book or watch the movies first?
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May as well read the book it's not very long.
The book is a fun read.The movies are well worth watching after though, you appreciate it more.
Read the book for the inner monologues

Watch the movie for Kissshot's expressions

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Anyone wanna come to a Shiny Chariot show with me? I have two tickets!
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I'd let her suck out my magic any day. Hopefully it goes straight to those tits or armpits
I really really do not like this plot twist.
I dropped this shit 4 episodes ago, what exactly happened?

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Pick your poison
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The one in the long dress.
The one on the left but not the far left is violent, autistic perfection and is the best girl.
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you're hooked too aren't you

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