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Best Keion, prove me wrong.
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Ui exists
Delete yourself.
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I can't

Why did this anime fail?
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cause its shit duh
but tits and asses
And how did it fail exactly?

Is there a single anime that doesn't have lolis?
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Unfortunately there are some.
Its from rokujouma no shinryakusha episode one.
Yes, the good one

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Best girl always wins.

Season 2 is out and no best girl thread shame on you a/
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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
Most of the girls end up winning, don't they?
Also: threadly reminder that Taneda will return this year.
Himeragi is the queen of all JCs

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why is it only that intelligent people can recognize Asuka as the best girl? What is it about brainlets that make it impossible for them to recognize this?
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Brainlets are the first to use violence.
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I WANNA HAVE A PURE TIME is infinitely better.
i know this might be cringy,
I haven't watched the show, but I think this opening is rather well-directed. It's an okay choice, probably.

Could he destroy the earth if he touched the ground and activated his bomb?
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I don't know.

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Fuck Code Geas, Fullmetal Alchemist and ralidex. The most influential and important anime of the 00's by far was Azumanga Daioh. For better or worse it Kicked off the decade plus era of cute girls doing cute things.
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true but only gays and losers care about influence
Haruhi was the most important anime of the decade because it vastly increased the number of LN adaptions.
Gays and loosers?!?!?!

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no wonder it felt so warm!.jpg
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How do I get myself a cute blanket girl to keep me warm?
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I like this show but I have to go to sleep so I can't discuss it with you. All the best on the thread!
I wish I knew, OP. If I did, I wouldn't be here but sleeping somewherehwere 24/7 for all eternity. Stoic lolis are the patricians choice.

Like Nasty Nas always said, I don't sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death.

You should listen to Nasty Nas.

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What was the story about?
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Growing up
autism meets edge
An idiot.

>main female cuts her hair
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Short hair best hair.
Don't you just love character development?
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>suddenly starts acting like she's got it all figured out

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Can we at least agree that studio SHAFT makes overall the best openings and endings. All of them are at least beyond average and many of them are top tier

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Not anymore.
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I concur.

All SZS OPs are godtier. Monogatari has some great ones too. The first Arakawa one is good, the rest are average at best.

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did I miss something? this was kinda sudden
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Yes, that's Kaneki's and Touka's son 20 years in the future
It looks like a corpse to me
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>next chapter he stands up and looks like this
>"hey guys I'm back"

This is Minmay. She is an extremely attractive and personable idol. You may have heard her hits such as "Watashi no kare wa pairoto". She was awarded the prestigious "Miss Macross" title for literally being the best girl on the Macross (but also in the universe)
Oh, and she literally saved the human race. So she has that going for her.

Give me one good reason why you don't worship her?
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She spent like fifteen episodes giving that cunt Kaifun an excuse to appear and shit over everything.
THIS is Minmay.
Cousin-fucking whore.

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How is this anime? I've heard good things and Funimation is putting it on blu-ray in July.
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Pretty shitty, only watch it if you want /elf/.
>inb4 there is a S.A.V.E. version
But they're selling more than that right?

Probably watch it with filesharing and if you like it then buy it.
Pretty much what everyone does, you gotta be a real tard if you buy an anime that you haven't watched.
Probably the more you are into fantasy and role-playing the bigger the chance that you will like it. The story is standard high-fantasy-schlock, that you may find charming if you are into these kind of things. Waifus are top. There is barely any animation, but the sword and sorcery character design and scenery is good.

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