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ninja info cards.jpg
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ninja info cards
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Why did he write the information up as cards and not just write it down in a notebook like anyone else would do?
shut up
Bruh, this show is aimed at 12 year old boys

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This is your goddess for tonight
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Dumb Aqua poster.
Get off the computer Aqua.
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This is your goddess for tonight

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How did people get this triggered by Nibutani?
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They loved her.
>that clip poster is still posting in every chuu2 thread
That's kyoanus fags for you.

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What is your favorite anime studio?

Mine is Toei. They make Dragon Ball and One Piece.
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For me it's Kyoto Animation, the best Japanese animation studio.
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Medicine Seller.png
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Other shows but same desu
I like Toonami

>almost half of the year gone
>no announcement
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Announcement of what? his early retirement and Trigger closing its doors down?
>lets Fight the establishment for our own justice
>Badguy 1 was actually a good person who loved the earth all along
>Even though we all started in different places we need to work together
>ah love interest-chan we beat the last boss time to live happily ever after
>Urp, sorry MC-kun I've gotta blast
>Nevar forget ur a nippon youth no more earn your wages now for the next generation

You're welcome
Saving anime takes time.
You don't want to end up with another shitstain like LWA TV.

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Anime fucking when?
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I want Shaft to animate it.
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It's worth noting that this is the only VN where I got the generic ending twice. Like, I didn't like any of the girls, and was surprised that things came to such an abrupt end.

Even School Days had one character who seemed likeable and not a mess of issues from the start.

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Everytime I look at Riko I have this desire to bully her.
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Everytime I look at her I have a desire to kiss her and hold her tight
She is made for chin in hand kisses.
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everytime I look at suwawa I have this desire to marathon hidamari sketch with her

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sakura 2.O.jpg
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what's the point of her character?
Beside being a love interest, I know nothing of her, and she has no personnality traits that are interesting
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>every shounen heroine ever
She's the love interest in a shounen series. There's nothing else you need to know.
To oust homos like yourself

Is Japanese curry really all that good? This shit is referenced or eaten at least once in 99% or series. I imagine it must be different from the yellow Indian stuff which can be disgusting.
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It's not as spicy and greasy as Indian curry. Might be disappointing if you like your curry to pack a punch but the flavour is nice.
It's very different from the yellow Indian stuff. It's more closer to cinnamon in aroma.
Jap cuisine is a meme to be honest

File: 9WnNZix.png (2MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1280x720px
Let's shitpost the third season into existence
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Yui a best. A BEST!
Iroha a shit. A SHIT!
File: whodabestUdabest.jpg (95KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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it's shit posting time!
best girl coming through! CHU!! CHUUUUU!
anyone got a webm version of this?

File: kakegurui.png (410KB, 842x478px)Image search: [Google]
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Sign me the fuck up.

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Art seems decent enough. I can't wait
Looks interesting.
Muh chinchinro

File: 1490447803133.jpg (345KB, 600x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Tell me, why does she wear the hat?
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File: 167831672.gif (968KB, 500x281px)Image search: [Google]
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Because it looks great and she's stylish as fuck.
File: 1490586163312.jpg (142KB, 1258x988px)Image search: [Google]
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If I took it off, would she die?
It would be extremely painful.

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/a/, this is the anime monkey paw. Dare you use its forbidden power?
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gonna jerk off with it

The soft fur feels amazing against your dick, causing you to fall into furfaggotry.
I wish that Tohsaka was real!

>churned out a shit game so they had to rewrite it
>was persuaded and tempted by Akane and dragged Eriri down with her
>traumatized Tomoya
>destroyed his dream as a creator and left him all atone for months

It's official. Utaha is worst girl.
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>>destroyed his dream as a creator and left him all atone for months

Eriri did that.
Utaha was always worst girl. Her fans only like her because of tits and nothing more.
90% of the reason was because Tomoya would not fuck her. She literally wants to wound him so hard he never forgets about her. She wants to be in his mind.

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hockey team

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