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What are we doing at the beach today anon?
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watermelon splitting, beach volleyball, fireworks
We are going to have some nice family fun my daughters (wives).
Root beer party?

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>Stab a kid's dad
>Kid watches you so you stab him
>Grab his hand to comfort him
>"Hey I'm here"
What the fuck, Guts
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Guts is a softie and things would be different around here if he were my dad.
Look, nobody ever said Guts was a nice guy...
What he did was kind in context but incredibly fucking weird.

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Does a like meidos?
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Only like them when they're combat ready.
moeblob maids should be fired and thrown in the garbage disposal.

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We all know that between R2 and R3 lelou and CC have been banging more than any two creatures on the planet. What will CC's child(ren) look like in the opening episode of R3?
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First of all, how many children did Charles have? We can judge Lelouch's stamina and libido in bed based on that.
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They'll look like suzaku.

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All of them.
This, it should be mandatory.
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but what if they're of the same sex?

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Sounds like NTR bait.
You clearly didn't read the title
Jesus fucking Christ, first Masamune-kun no Revenge, now this. It's like all of the worst manga I've ever read are suddenly getting adapted to anime. What's next, Kanojo wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai? Puchi Puchi Tantan Puchi Tantan?

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Why did Maid Dragon flop again?
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It didn't, now stop making this thread.
Dunno, it was universally liked by everyone that watched it. Most likely due to Konosuba steamrolling everything else last season.

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Best girl wins so hard she gets pregnant

Are there any?
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Isn't she too hot for an 11 year old?
Lillie ruined SM games

She is a shittier version of her brother who is a great character

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ITT: Shit /a/ memed you into watching.
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Don't be a pleb if you don't want to be led.
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You shouldn't be allowed to watch anime if you don't like Lucky Star and K-On.

I know why we all like Berserk, we all self-insert into Guts, a man who is dealing with severe depression, pain, anger and hatred and he becomes our lightning rod.
There's no other simple explanation for why this anime is so popular, it's not like the story itself is very original or anything.

I just want /a/ to admit with me that we are going through shit in our lives and Guts also going through shit helps us make sense of this fucked up world. It would make me feel better to know I'm not the only one going through this.
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I don't understand how people can think Puck and Isidro are the reader-insert characters
That would be nice but a lot of idiots read it for the edgy shit. It's why some faggots dont like the current direction.

I personally read it for the setting and Guts.
>Projecting this hard

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My mass is 72.5 kg (160 pounds), which by E=mc^2 means I have 6.515975045.8419 x10^18 joules of energy, or 6,515,975,045 trillion joules. Senku needed 2 trillion joules to run his brain for 3,700 years. I don't know Senku's weight so I'm using mine instead, which means I would only need to burn .0000000003% of my mass to break free from the stone, Senku probably required something similar.

That's 0.00000002kg (or 0.00000004 pounds). The real story of this manga is humanity using internal nuclear fusion reactors to live instead of having to inefficiently consume calories.
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damn, I forgot the Dr.Stone title
>My mass is 72.5 kg (160 pounds), which by E=mc^2 means I have 6.515975045.8419 x10^18 joules of energy

How about you stop with those drugs? If 100g pork belly has ~518 calories, how much does a 73kg pig have?
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Maybe you should read the whole post, anon

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I already like it
I enjoy it
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I don't like it

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What is the worst anime you've ever watched?
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Casshern's sins.
Yeah that's right, I think it's terrible. Slow and benzos-tier sleep-inducing. The beautiful and artistic scenery it had was not enough to convince me it wasn't shit.

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New visual

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I really hate the MC, even Raku and Ichika are better.
>even Raku and Ichika are better.
You take that back.
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>[x]Mating press oppai loli

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No title for this chapter. Dumping raws with rough translation.
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I can't fucking believe it.

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