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What's your favorite character cameo???

Since I love Kuroneko, I loved it when she appeared in Eromanga Sensei.
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I guess I liked it when my penis cameod in your mom's vagina.
nice!! you sure gottem!!!

>Girl says boku/ore
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>Nobody ever tells them how silly they sound.
I forgot this existed.
I haven't kept up after what happened.

Tell me whats so great about bakugou /a/. Help me get it.
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Nothing? None of the characters in MHA are particularly good.
You need to be a fujo to understand
As much of an asshole as he is, he still earnestly wants to become the greatest hero, not just be really strong.

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Just finished this.First season was great. But I AM FUCKING PISSED.

He fucked it up. He ruined his friendships. Rejected a harem. Just for this dumb BITCH.
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kirino a shit
Oreimo was never intended to have an incest ending. Kyosuke and Kuroneko were supposed to become the canon couple, with Kyosuke fixing his relationship with his sister before she moves to the United States for good.
Dengeki Bunko forced the author to turn it into a pseudo-harem and then into having an incest ending. That's why the writing from the last two minutes of episode 8 of S2 onwards make no sense and the characters act completely out of character.

Find a flaw.
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I can't
Not young enough.
How about the fact that I'm going to jail just for visiting this thread?

How would a father/daughter anime incest work?
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I want to molest my daughter.

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What the fuck do you fucking think of Pop Team fucking Epic, you fuck?
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its pretty good reaction images
When does the anime start airing?

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Are all JCs rich?
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Some are quite poor.
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No. Their parents, however.

homo out
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What do you think he's saying?
what did he mean by this
Title: Next Time
Panel 1
Senpai: What Aizawa-san said cheered me up, but...I wonder if she was indirectly telling me I wasn't cut out for this...
Panel 2
Jun: Senpai.
Senpai: AH! Jun-kun!
Jun: What's with that reaction?
Panel 3
Jun: Next time...I won't take even a single hit.
Panel 4
Senpai: ...yeah! I'm not gonna lose either!

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>Tfw I can't find the OST of this series anywhere and no is seeding this anymore

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple thread
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God dammit, I loved this series. Sad to see how it ended. Can't help you with the OST anon, sorry. I had the OP and ED songs at one point, but I have no idea where they are now.
How it ends? I didn't read the manga, just watched the anime
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Miu is top wife, look at this girl.

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Find a single edgier frame of anime than this. I dare you.

Sauce: Hellsing Ultimate Episode 8
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What about the very next frame of said scene?
That's not even the edgiest scene in the series.
Let me just seek forward like thirty seconds to when seras grinds that chicks face into powder.

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Looks like the new Kino adaptation is being done by Lerche and airs in Fall.

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Sequel or reboot?

Still nothing I guess
I think it's a sequel.
Just realizing that the stamps behind Kino show Ti and young Shissou, looks like we'll be seeing them in the new adaptation


Who wins?
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Shit hair
Removing the Pharaohs magic bullshit. Bottom right would most likely win because she doesn't mind losing in order to win.

She's also crazy.
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Gee I wonder

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Finally, a pure love story between a girl and a mature older woman (male)

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Do women actually get off to being dominated by a manly guy dressed as a girl?
the older one has the penis?

Isn't it the other way around?

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It's been 10 years since Gurren Lagann aired, are we mature enough to admit it is a masterpiece yet?
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Arguably anime of the decade, anyone who calls it shit is a contrarian faggot
Best scene
Cringeworthy infantile shit

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