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Why does plotshit always have characters with such bland personalities? Slice of Life shows don't nearly suffer from this problem as much.

Pic related. How am I supposed to root for this character when he doesn't even have personality, ambitions, serious yet understandable faults, and interesting interactions with the cast?
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Shut up and dig.
Go die in a fire
he does?

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Post worst girl from their respective series. I'll start.
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i don't keep pictures of worst girls unless it's memeworthy so here you go.
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Screencap thread.
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>not even an imouto
wtf is this shit /a/?
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Happy Birthday Yagami Hayate!
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She was cuter in a wheelchair
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She's cutest when dressed as a bunny.
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What do you think /a/?
Is he cute?
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yeah. He's the best girl of the show.
a cute

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Possibly the best timeline
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Kanako a meh.

No it was the best timeline, Kanako was best girl by far.

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Who are the best robot girls and why is it Team G?

Also, there's going to be another season, right? They haven't even introduced Shin Get-chan or Get-chan Empress yet.
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How would Empress be portrayed?
Towers over everyone going OHOHO and being smug about being the strongest.
But then everyone just acts as if she put on weight and ignores her.
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Would Shin Get-chan be a grimdark edgelord, going by the manga and weird tone shift between the earlier anime series and Armageddon?

Would you date Satania?
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satania is more of a lure into a private area before brutally fucking the shit out of her good anime girl than one I would want to date.
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I would prefer not to
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I don't date disabled people

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Last time in Alice in Idiotbugland, good ol' spider girl was betrayed by a friend again.

So how does the author spice that up? Behold.
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what are her ten desires?

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>masterpieces don't exis-
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They do but why posting that astocious piece of shit?
Whatever made you sleep better.
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Another one added to the list.

Amagi Brilliant Park appreciation thread
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Water a best
You have correct taste in fairies my friend
Kobori is perfect.

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>"hey completely average high school guy, look at our club full of quirky characters, you'll join and have a high school filled with wacky adventures right?"
>"nah I'm good"

I'd guess it doesn't stay like this but the first chapter of the manga at least got me interested enough to check out the anime.

Anyone else picking it up when it airs?
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"I play games for fun" - The LN/Anime/Manga
>mc is a casual baby who only plays mobage
well it's easier for japs to self insert that way

This is going to trigger /v/ hard isn't it?

The protag already prefers mobage stuff to 'real' games.

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How long is too long?
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If it touches the ground when she's standing up then it's too long.
Anything below the knees.
You don't need to worry about that

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How does /a/ feel about dominant women?
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if they're into protecting and loving their /ss/ partner, i like it a lot
sad, no woman will ever love me like a cute crazy dominant one
They're the best type of woman.

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Evangelion is not that good. Can we stop pretending?
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omedetou, you finally got it
>I have an opinion

How cool OP this was totally worth a thread
are you fuck you

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