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Was it autism?
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The eternal best girl curse
>childhood friend is literally the best choice
>she doesn't win
Every time. Only made worse this time by how she didn't even get cool spirit powers like the rest of Ichigo's friends.
Just stop.

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>S2 never
So, what's going on in the novels? When was the last one?
>the 12 angry cucks
>jobs to some fag larping as a cat
>needs said fag's help to beat a little girl
strongest man my ass

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Korean scans out.

Oni chapter.
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Buckle up boys, the Madman is about to start.
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>let's meet up with a literal murder machine
What could go wrong, I wonder.

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"Even industry leaders fear that, 'As it is, Japanese anime has no future'."

Better start practicing your CG puppet tween software, Japan.
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The day when there will be no 2D hand drawn anime, will be the true end of anime. I will never watch anything made in full 3D. Thankfully there is ~5000 interesting series which I didn't watch yet, so, well.
They need to reduce the amount of shit, get better at picking the better shows and don't let directors fuck up the endings.

We are at like a bubble with the most amount of series running each session. Anything week get greenlighted. It has to burst at some point, then the industry will mature.
Their utter incompetence when it comes to monetizing anime overseas is pretty impressive.
Oh well, spend all your time memorizing kanji so you dont have time to learn english so its impossible for you to consider pursuing business opportunities in the rest of the world.
Japan made its own mess.

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ITT: Non-forced animation
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i loved ninja slayer
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you mean QUALITY thread?

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>people here unironically watch dubbed anime

There is a special place in hell for you

Why the fuck does dubbed anime even exist?
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Because some very special folks can't read and watch something at the same time. Imagine the kids in highschool who had to read aloud and took a million years to read a sentence, but worse
Better then those fucks whospoketheentiresentenceinoneowrdlikethis.
Watch out, you might trigger the autistic Ghost Stories fags and get them to start fellating their shitty Family Guy-tier dub while spouting inaccurate bullshit about how the show didn't sell in Japan despite evidence to the contrary.

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I'm not a nigger.
What did he mean by this?
Get a boner.

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Nozomi fag spend 6 fucking hours bumping his own thread on /v/ because no one wanted to reply
Can we all agree that Nozomi is the most pathetic idol with most retarded fanbase?
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actually Nico is the only idol that can exist canonically.
Nozomi is one of the only ugly raibus.
Just wait until tomorrow. I wonder how much more Nozomi will get spammed then

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You havn't forgotten about her, have you /a/?
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Of course not, not with all of her show's great songs.

Which reminds me:

JOINT > triangle = Hishoku no Sora = Serment > Light My Fire > being = Koubou = Akai Namida = Portamento > Yoake Umare Kuru Shoujo = ONE > All in Good Time = Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi > I'll believe = u/n > sense > Aka no Seijaku > BLAZE > Prophecy > Sociometry
Never. Shana is love. Shana is life. Shana is burns eternally.

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well then
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>another /sp/ chapter
Just lose already.
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>didnt you kiss someone?
>his face when
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Birdy yama.webm
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Does this have a proper closure?

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Mitsuko is kind of cute.
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More pissing?
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Hot damn.
why dead?

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Satania is the perfect example of this.
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Satania was the only character keeping Gabriel Dropout alive. I won't defend her fanbase though.
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best imouto ever
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Easily best

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