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What does /a/ think of Genocyber?
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encapsulates the whole hyper-violent and over-gory 80s OVA produciton era.
This. Also has a bitchin' soundtrack.
Is this the bloodiest anime ever made? I haven't seen anything close to it. Not even popular "gore" anime like Higurashi

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>Gundam has now been reduced to a shameless toy commercial
What went wrong?
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Maybe you shouldn't have picked Build Fighters to be your first Gundam series.

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What makes these girls sexy?

Not a lolicon so it's not that.
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they look like gremlins
The way they're drawn ruins it for me
>What makes these girls sexy?
Your attraction to little girls.

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two new fucking movies
how does KyoAni do it?
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quantity over quality
I just had sex with my girlfriend Asuka. Guess what she's into.

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ITT: Minor characters that you'd watch a whole spinoff series about
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I would watch a short episode spin-off of candy store and renchon SoL and pseudo /ll/ moments together.
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probably pushing the definition of minor, but she is a supporting character

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What are some anime masterpieces that get undeserved hatred?
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Everything by KyoAni because 10 year-olds are jealous that they won't animate battleshonen.
Evangelion is actually pretty hated by casual western anime fans.

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Was it deep or am I just stupid?
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>That hand
It's only meaningful if you're familiar with the currents of Japanese theater and cinema that the staff are channeling, if you watched this series without at least knowing who Terayama is you are a poseur.
I know who he is but I've never seen anything from him. Am I a poseur?

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Anal intercourse with Lori!
What's up your butt today Iori?

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ITT: Stuff nobody posts about anymore
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fuck you, I'm not even gonna post about it
There's a thread up right now >>158112684
There are literally and figuratively people posting about it right now
You're embarrassing, OP

This is a japanese game developer
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That's a butt, you putz.
It's a statement. He's saying that Japanese devs are ass because they make shit.
Cute 2d girls don't create shit. Instead they create dreams.

Thus the proper statement is, "Japanese devs revere the cute girls as they create dreams"

They just don't make anime like they used to
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Tomo is stupid!

solid 6/10 show
right, these days they make it at a much higher resolution

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>Mou ikkai~
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blah blah blah sex with azusa blah blah
Ai shiau futari shiawase no sora
Tonari dooshi anata to atashi

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Finished Death Note about half a month ago and I'm still pissed about the ending.
The story is about an incredibly intelligent man who finds a note book giving him the power to kill everyone knowing their name and face so he does the only logical thing which is cleansing the world of criminals, neets, degenerates and those who oppose his authoritarian ideas building a new religion in a lost world.
Great power needs great responsibility, questioning yourself and intelligence which is all what Light had and what the story was but instead it ended with that great power leads to crazy and corruption which should be wrong in the hands of someone like Light.
The later episodes felt so out of character for Light as he became crazy with power and moving far too fast which just isn't the same man that we got to know in the first ones. He puts far too much trust in another person which Light would never do but what really annoys me is how N won.
>We knew that you had a second note book
>We made an exact replica of it in ~12 hours
This doesn't make any sense, Light made his follower check the note book for smudges and cuts, etc. There's no way that just some random guy can make an exact replica of that in less than 24 hours. After he's found out he just dies and criminal rates go back to normal.
The anime ended for me when L died, Light won. The other part is just dumb and unrealistic.
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>has a way to remotely kill people without leaving any evidence, but still gets caught
The replica never made any sense. He wrote himself into a corner, realized it made no sense, and tried to fix it with a little drama.

>he made a perfect replica in one night! Copied the handwriting and everything!

...no he fucking didn't, that isn't even remotely possible
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This is exactly why It's stupid and unrealistic that he gets caught. Light is the most intelligent person in the series because the story needs him to be. There wasn't a way for him to get caught which is why the explanation of how N found him out is dumb.

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When are JKs going to take back the throne on this board?
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I want an assjob from that ass.
Gyarus are my ultimate weakness.
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Right now.

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I cried
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>Trolls claiming this was going into anime original route throughly BTFO

I want Ymir to sit on my face until I die from lack of oxygen.

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