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is it worth watching, /a/ ?
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watch it and find out
3 episode rule
c'mon anon, it'll only take roughly an hour

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Why do we rarely get any kind of closure in anime?
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Because they're adverts for manga and light novels which are still ongoing?
How fucking new are you?
Because they maybe get a second season and have to reset things or force new shit.

You can see a clearly example with chuunibyou.
>implying the novel have more closure than the anime

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PV2 out.
Primary school girls are great!

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>Tenshi no 3P!
This name is highly misleading.
Seems like an advertisement for shitty insert songs. The characters seem super generic, too. I'll give it a try but it'll probably take effort for me to like it.
At least they're not playing basketball. No more reason to job hard.

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download (2).jpg
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im about to marathon the first season. what am i in for?
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All characters are unlikeable
but is it good?
A fucking trip

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Yet another Eromanga Sensei thread.
I just want some discussion with reasonable people (and yes, I think you can find more reasonable people here then everywhere else).
I really can't understand the hate this show gets. It is just mediocre.
Humorism is subjective so you might not find it fun, that's true, but aside from that I don't see as many flaws as people say.
Taking for granted the suspension of disbelief, there's really nothing of this show that can be considered bad; characters are likeable and it can entertain well.
Being bothered by the themes is stupid, as well as being with the sexualization of young girls. Why then no one cares about other works that have loli in them?

Plus, why they say it has bad animation? Again, it is just mediocre and actually there are some really good scenes, more than I thought there would be.
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being mediocre is worse than being bad
I think it's because the start was pretty strong, but then nothing significant happens. Instead of character development, the show introduces new characters to the harem scenario. It's standard, but it's not what you hope to see.

I also think the two confessions by writing stories aren't really interesting. They just sit there quietly, reading some story we can't see, and react to it. The viewers have no idea what the stories say, so they can't really relate. I think it became really clear when they actually had an emotional scene in the latest episode.

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Is brown skin + purple hair the most patrician combination?
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Considering that that girl is ancient egyptian isn't she supposed to be black
Pale skin + black hair + blue or red eyes >>>>>> everythings else
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No brown skin white hair / pale nipples is
Although pale skin is always better


Is this an age appropriate outfit?
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Needs to show more legs.
Would you let your daughter wear this?
for the late 1960s yes

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Where the fuck did the trainwrecks go? we need more shows like Code Geass, Valvrave, Samurai Flamenco, etc.
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You don't set out to create trainwrecks, they just happen.
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what about Little Witch Academia? It is now a trainwreck at this point

go back to your containment threads

>tfw brazilian and indonesian subs but not english
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DBhvQ14VoAA1CHM.jpg large.jpg
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Looks like the subber is almost done.
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how isn't she best girl?
>not dead blue

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shoukoku no altair cover.jpg
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No it's fujoshit
>No it's fujoshit
how it's a fujoshit?
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why would a show about roaches become AOTS? It even looks like sausagefest too

Season 1 > 3 > 2

You can't refute this.
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Horse pussy was literally the only good thing about season 3, and even then she's overshadowed by surprise shota and LA LA LA
I do somewhat agree. I do hope that a potential fourth season will have a grand plot like season 1 again and some nice wargames that aren't just beamspams by hero units trying to rack more points with literal cannon fodder mooks who only exist to provide more points.
The cannon fodder ought to be dangerous enough that they can overwhelm the named characters and heroes, and the named should not be able to continuously beamspam their way to victory.
S4 > S3 > S1 > S2

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Who would win /a/?
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DB fags will argue for Goku every time.

Opm's meme is that he can't be beat come on do the math.
>power level thread
People will unironically argue about this.
First fight, opm
Then maybe after some training goku, that's how it is.

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Don't bother guys. It's NTR.
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Reminder that Kyoani is slowly but steadily pivoting into a movie-only studio. So long, Ghibli.
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FMP s4 got canned and instead will be made into movies by kyoanus.
At least Ghibli didn't milk their highschool series over and over again.
>KyoAni turning into KinoAni

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I love Vigne. She is such a good girl no matter what people say about her, I am so lucky to have her as my girlfriend. Sakura is such a strong girl.
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i love raphi, she is such a good girl no matter what people say about her, i am so lucky to have her as my girlfriend
>Sakura is such a strong girl.
What did he mean by this? Is he a two-timing bastard?
Best Girl Satania
Best Waifu Vigne
Worst Girl gabriel

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