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This is my first time in /a/ and I want to know if /a/ likes Kinnikuman
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You'll rarely find Kinnikuman fans or threads here on /a/. The fanbase is admittedly pretty small, and barely anything gets discussed here, like did you know the latest arc of Kinnikuman ended last month?

It doesn't help that the guys who're supposed to be subbing the anime are a bunch of lazy fuckwits who're taking forever to do it.
I wish a new anime for this so badly.
Since when is getting translated ? I knew about the latest arc ended but not about the anime.

Btw is kinda sad to see the little love to Kinnikuman...

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You're enjoy some time with you're waifu and this guy comes and slaps her ass.

What to do?
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Shake his hand.
Nothing, she'll probably take care of it herself.
Cum like the cuck I am.

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Gainax was once the top anime studio.
Evangelion, FLCL, Gurren Laggan. Everything they did was gold and good.

Now we have shit like 3hz, trigger and Kyoani. Newer studios who can't create deep philosophical content like Evangelion.
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>is there any chance Gainax will go back to the top?
Go buy a watermelon from their farm in Japan, it's just the economic boost they need for their next work.

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4 new chapters out.
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When Touka gets serious, this book can get quite emotional. I wasn't expecting that touching scene with Anri.
Ethel is for mating press

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plz help i cant stop crying this shit so sad
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Is the manga different or something. The movie was shit. Some autistic child cant stop picking on a hearing impaired child. Am I supposed to sympathize with him. Piece of shit.

what an understanding view, I'm sure you have a lot of emotional depth

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What's her problem?
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Paedophilia with homophilia.
She likes young girls. Is that such a bad thing?
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Only if someone cries.

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Sorry for late start. Didn't start yet due to a migraine

At the other end of the fight...
[Bot] 64: Strength of the upper moons, strength of the pillars

[Hah intensifies]

"Don't die, Kyoujurou"
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[Same 'hah']
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first for aniki
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There's no opening. I can't jump in. I can't follow the speed of their movements.
Those two are on a different dimension
If I jump into the match, I feel nothing but 'death' on my skin.
I can't move because I know I'd be nothing but a hindrance if I jump in to help

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>That ending
What the FUCK was that? This movie was going so well until that confession. Like it came out of fucking nowhere. All that development between MC and Naruse and for what? If this shit was going to happen then just take out all romance and make it about pure friendship instead holy shit. Naruse doesn't deserve this damn it.
This shit isn't even realistic; it's just bullshit. Saying he likes someone else and yet Naruse comes to perform for them anyway fuck this bullshit I'm fucking fuming with rage right now FUCK.
Fuck you Okada, I'm never watching anything you make ever again.
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Fuck you, I'm glad baseball bro won best girl.
So, I take it you enjoyed it thoroughly?
Yes I enjoyed it but that ending left a bitter taste in my mouth.

No, fuck you. We don't know if he "won" yet the ending only showed him confessing. She could have rejected him for all we know.

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Does blond loli have a discernible personality?
Other than Yua, none of them do. Which is why the ranking is just Yua > your character design preference.
Yeah, I pretty much went by char design cause they're all gimmick cardboard cutouts.

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When does it get good?
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It always is, though volume 3 is when it goes off the meds.
I on volume two and I found the mysteries somehow lacking, in a way that if they were not written too much like an anime they could be interesting , but the fast paced development and lack of proper ambientation detract from it. Also the two sisters and the classmate are really boring with their mary-sue-like personality. The MC and his uncle are ok, but they feel like they're the same person. And the yokais hardly have screen-time. I actually skipped a few chapters that were not the MC's and didn't feel like I lost anything.
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Most people seem to agree that Mai's chapters are generally weakest, but I've always liked the way Hayabusa and Enbi bounced off each other and they only got more entertaining as it went on. As for the mysteries I can't say much since I'm no mystery buff and they revolve a lot around Japanese myths, including wording, background and moral lessons and I'm not terribly familiar with those either. Volume 3 is the one where there's an actual mystery to solve that some people in the threads have taken as a challenge.

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What are the best villain themes in anime?
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What happened all the sudden that this is being posted all over the board?
She stole Akko's yay all along

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Psychoanalyze the anon above you based on their favorite anime. I'll start.
>Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's
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Nothing much about you to analyze
Also Steins;Gate
>Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's
Maybe a pedo, maybe just good taste. Hopefully not the madman that has been spamming the threds nonstop past half a year.
Honest anon who likes solving problems. Probably a procrastinator, but can still pull through when it matters. You should take better care of yourself.

Or maybe just a pedo.


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Rei is being hurt!!! What are you gonna do about it!?!?!?
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>painting her toenails

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This post is accurate.
Lesser of two evils. It's like how we had to help Stalin (Manami) beat Hitler (Kirino).
She is ugly.

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last thread

>what dreams are made of
>never gonna happen

How hard would it be to get a PET working today with all of our current tech?

I mean, you could basically get a sim to listen to you by voice so it couldn't be TOO hard

Better question is, how long can we keep this going?
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no, fuck off
Wrong board m8
You can't tell me what to do.

No I'm not going for /v/ I'm going for the anime.

We talked about the anime and the games and more in the last thread.

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