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how wide?
How much wide is too wide?
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>First season Hidamari Sketch aired 10 years ago

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Praise and adore him!
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Uh yeah no, I'm good senpai...
Ha ha ha, Step aside, fuckboys, leave the Tournament of Power to me...

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>when separated characters walk past each other
fucking nips
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The MC is a crying faggot (like deku)
I love that trope desu. Post moar
Weh if yo don lyk it den why are yo wuchin it?

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This is the most homosexual thing I have ever watched. I love it
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>only one character is gay
>only one character is bisexual
Read the manga, Only one fragment was adapted to anime

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trap test.jpg
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Well. which one is it?
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mid bottom
The bitch pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl.
>the actual girl is the worst girl
makes sense

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This is Sana-kan.

Say something nice about her.
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I have the net genes
I have the net terminal genes.
neto teriminal

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But there isn´t a single person on this board who dislikes this image, is there?
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I don't like it
but I love you all.

Why every time there are blatantly fag characters people start to perform the most weird reasoning?

>They are just friends
>It's just bait
>He loves him like a brother
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Because anime is infamous for baiting characters to be gay and then having them get in a straight relationship in the end.
japanese culture always leaves room for plausible deniability
anime writers are autistic so their depictions of romance are often very difficult to interpret as romance

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>Soap opera romshit
>Soap opera romshit with kisses, licking and a bit of touching for the virgin teenagers and normalfags
>"""""Sports"""""" fujoshit
>A couple of shitty """""""action""""" shows based on shitty superpowers with hipster animation and dull as hell OC donut steel characters in, of course a shitty uninspired modern ultra advanced city like all those cookie cutter shows
>Slice of shit
>Barely can find seven shows to watch those three last seasons, when I always watched at least twenty something
Goodbye anime, it was nice growing out of you
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Nice buzzwords
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t. Anonshits

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hey there.wanna have unprotected sex?
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Insert D:

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ITT: Talentless hacks
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Le "muh back hurts hiatus for 3 years" man.
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*forgot image.

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it was ok, lord of the takanashi was so awful that anything afterwards feels refreshing
Main girl was so shit I can't even be bothered to remember her name. I liked Shiho and Yanagiba though.
>13 episodes of one joke

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Why do people hate yuri pairings I don't get it
What could be better than one cute girl? Two. What could could be better than two cute girls? Them holding hands. How can something like this breed so much anger?
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it's just one guy
Anti-yuri fags are worse than so called yurifags. If you see someone ship two girls and all of a sudden you see someone going full autism with /u/ redirects.
The person probably doesnt like yuri because its harf to put yourself in the place of a girl mc unless its a vn where you never see the mc anyways watching a guy mc is easier because he gets in situations youd want to be in as a guy getting kneed in the in gentials >grinding for girls isnt relatable and is like 80% of the poses most yuris do.

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is there any anime sub with translator notes still exist?what happened?8-10 years ago they were a thing and were funny.now it just plain old translation
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fansubbing is dead
thats from needless?
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Where the fuck are the subs for episode 7?
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Yeah, I need my dose of nose pumping
They are up now on HS
Weird that it happened almost exactly when I made a thread.

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