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Is something wrong with this? Why doesn't /a/ talk about it
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Dude creeps me out, i can't make myself watch it
It's garbage.
I saw threads early on, but I got tired of the formula. I imagine other anons felt the same, no cute girls and not enough action. I'm still watching but I suspect that's because I'm older, and from my experience older anons always have longer posts and like the shows that deviate from the norm.

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I've dreamed every night of smelling those feet.
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So have I!
I'd rather smell Chariot's feet.
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>caring about feet when there's a butt right there

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Does she like him?
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>slutted it up with a hunk lusting after her when her partner was injured and out of the picture
Why bother, Chi-chan is best girl anyway.
>Chi-chan is best girl

And how!
Such a shame that the anime won't reach her.

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what went wrong?
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He was too good for that abortion of a manga
Now that I think about it. Haki really did kill this series. Back then, The author had to think of a way to defeat Logia users because they're intangible, which made the Enel vs Luffy fight so great because it involved strategy. Now it's just
>lol just use haki
and continue to beat the shit out of Logia users.
Enel having Mantra aka haki was the reason that fight required strategy, otherwise Luffy could have just punched him and instantly won due to being immune to his devil fruit.

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Why is Japan/Anime/Manga obsessed with...
tanned + flat + demon girl?

is it because they are delicious?
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god bless mda starou
Please have a dick

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Anime by Toei and directed by Miyazaki when?
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No. Give me Ishihama at (probably, unfortunately) A-1.
What's this cheap pretentious shit?
winter this year

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Kumiko x Reina is canon.
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Remember that manga was drawn by retard who didn't read the novels but thought it was shoujo ai.
The truth is that the novel was written by a retard who thought he wasn't writing shoujo ai

Pretty sure the author is a closet lesbian.

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This is my rice. Please take good care of her
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Your ocean is ready.
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Sorry buddy pal I already married her
I'll fight you

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Where have you been?
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Been searching all along
I've been waiting for this thread.


I really want to see an "all-stars"-crossover school anime. Have loads of students from various series share one school and see wacky hijinx ensue. Sorta like The Amazing World of Gumball meets School Anime Genre

Which series should be in it? Let's keep it to 25.

On that end I can take requests for story scenarios as provided by below examples:

> Various students try to get to the legendary "Window Seat" in the morning. It's however found out that the seat is gone. Haruhi Suzumiya gathers up possible "suspects" for whoever might have stolen the seat while Kyon has to deal with the mess that comes with it. The seat is never found however, so the students give up in disappointment.

> Later on it's found out that Hayate Ayasaki, the part-time school janitor, took it up to fix the school seat at his home after finding out it had become worn off over the years. He announces this the next morning on the entrance of the school, making everyone race for it to the class where the seat has been brought back.

> Turns out Miyako (Hidamari Sketch) had taken it, and looks at everyone in innocence. Everyone groans in defeat. As Nozomu Itoshiki is going on with his long lectures, the cracking floor below the seat collapses, bringing Miyako down with it. A long silence, before everyone mumbles about never going to that seat ever again.
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> Yukko Aoi and Mako Mankanshoku are sent to buy cans of coffee for other students, but all of the money they were given gets eaten by the local vending machine in the school. As all of them are annoyed at both, Yukko and Mako decide to go infiltrate the school during night and find out what this vending machine is up to.
> Turns out there's a cat inside the vending machine who keeps all the cans to himself, warming them with his body heat. Who claims he's God. Yukko promptly closes the vending machine and suggests Mako to just forget what was inside. When Mako asks why, Yukko simply replies "C'mon now, who would believe us? We're enough the renowned idiots of this school as it is."
>Next day however, has everyone constantly badger or nag out the info from Yukko. "what was with that vending machine". Yukko tries to ignore everyone during this, but she keeps getting chased by everyone. Some try to pry her with money or even helping out with her homework, but Yukko still refuses, remembering how other poor students try to ask her to let them copy her homework. Led to rather nasty detention from Yukari Tanizaki upon seeing some had exact same wrong answers.
> Things go on for a while until Tomoya Okazaki manages to trick Yukko on telling what was inside the vending machine. Everyone hurries to it, but find nothing inside. As they complain why Yukko "tricked them", the latter goes on a rant about how their curiosity itself was being a pain in the ass for the entire day, yet "Oh no, I'm still being blamed because I had to just claim something so idiotic existing!"

> Mako tells Yukko that the very cat both saw is right next to her at the moment. Yukko takes a while to believe this during her rant until she sees it too, and is left shocked.
The cat suddenly removes out it's head, revealing it being Mai Minakami all along, having worn a cat costume. Yukko turns to stone, before almost reduced to talking in very angry "Superultragreatdeliciouswonderfulbadnese".

> Tomoya creeps behind Mai and pulls out the tail in her costume. Coins roll out of it. Tomoya says nonchalantly "So that's where the coins are."
Cue everyone glaring down on Mai, before proceeding to badger her where all of their money is. As Yukko and Mako watch agape, Tomoya invites them to sit next to him and enjoy the show, holding two cans of coffee.
Are you actually fucking retarded?

Just delete this and we'll act like this never happened

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why was everyone a raging homosexual again??
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>not having sex with your bros and not having to worry about them getting pregnant

missing out fampai

New chapter boys
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don't lie to me my boy
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Why the fuck you lying
It's out in korean so technically op didn't lie. Still is a faggot for not linking.

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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At which point?
Before he ordered him to stay alive, he didn't want to affect him as a human bean, afterward he was pretty unable to (as Suzaku would've responded).
Suzaku is the only real friend Lelouch had in his whole life.
Also >>158176057 sums it up nicely.
because he had the gays

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