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Awooing will continue until morale improves!
I wish we had a season 3. I wish season 2 was better.

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Is there any anime featuring Australians?
It's not fair that the britfags got to star in one but not us.
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Just watch anime upside down.
that's butt
Pretty sure I've seen an emu in some show.

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Why are siblings so perfect for eachother?
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It's the purest form of love, duh
Why is water so wet?
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Well you know what they say
blood is thicker than water

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Would you let Sakura promote your town?
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I'd even let her promote my butthole.
Her name is Yoshino
Considering my town literally is a shithole, this wouldn't be far from the truth

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Which side wins in a fight, left or right?
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Left wins by default because the commander on right isn't an Anime character.
But he has the power to kill all anime
Commander on the right ruins everything. Even with Akame on their side Misato's team would rek them.

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a shit
Koma-chan is a nice little girl
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Extremely cute

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Is cowboy bebop really a snoozefest like Trigun or not?
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Yeah, but its still worth watching
It's not a snoozefest, and it's perfectly worth watching. If you like jazz music and references to old gangster/Western films, then you'll love Cowboy Bebop.
at some point while I was watching it it turned into background noise

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Source on OP? Google search shows nothing.
that one guy that draws the action stuff

Mexicans keep getting more anime on their open TV. Opinions?
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I don't watch TV, neither am I Mexican, so this is quite irrelevant to me. Furthermore, in our current day, where there are countless TV channels and easy access to the web, I wouldn't expect anyone to be too interested, anyway.
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I often watch that channel during Sundays because they broadcast interesting cultural stuff. Pretty sure they are going to broadcast it on Sunday too since they fit short series there.

I'm pretty sure little girls will like it.
TV is still a big medium everywhere, specially for adults and children. A lot of people still can't get into computers or online streaming so they just stick to television. It's obviously dying, but still.

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Umaru is love

Umaru is life

All will be one within Umaru
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yeah,so i thought that but then everything change when i meet....Gekko
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>Umaru threads in the fall
>/a/ will become unusable until Umaru stops airing

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Fact: μ's would have been better had they just ditched the deadweight characters.
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Get rid of Honoka instead of my cute wife Elichika, and you've got a top tier idol group out of the remaining six.
Fact: this board would be a better place if you left

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I know /a/ loves incest and all, but what do you think of cousin ships and cousincest in general?
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It's good, but it's basically vanilla.
Too normie
Cowardice, they don't want the relationship to be between siblings. Much like oppai loli.

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>ED by Stone Temple Pilots
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>ED by the crashtest dummies
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>ED by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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>ED by school food punishment

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ITT: worst animes of all times
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Great opening tho.
Deadman Wonderland. Still not over how bad this was and the fact that my friend actually recommended it to me so I sat through the whole thing.

I couldn't even finish AD Police but I'd say that's definitely a contender, shame though since Bubblegum universe is incredibly interesting.

Nene cutest Knight Saber.

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Is Kemono Friends the new Kancolle?
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it's the new mlp
Because it's actually good.
Is the game popular as well? I remember somebody saying the game was closed while the anime was still airing.

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