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How do you deal with secondaries when your favorite source material you know literally everything about gets an anime?
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Stop being an autist and continue liking what you like. Who cares what others are doing?
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>being a manga fan
>suddenly, your manga gets an anime
>a lot of threads everyday
>all of them are dedicated to anime
>no one did read the manga though
>people tend to praise anime studio for things taken directly from the manga and shitting on the manga if someone even bothered to read a chapter or two
You know, this is not okay.
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Constantly tell them to fuck off and read the source.

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One page thread
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Start things off with more than just one post, retard.
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Comic Rex.jpg
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Just looked it up, this actually sounds comfy. Guess it's my turn.
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How do I find resolution and closure with this cunt? Help me make sense of why it is okay that she never gets punished?

inb4 slowpoke; that slap "scene" which just proves women can't fight for shit
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Basically stop caring and you'll realize eventually.
Give in and fap to her. Fap to the thought of brutally raping and beating her. Then fap to the thought of making love to her gently while showering her with affection. Then fap to the thought of having wild, animal sex in front of that deaf tard while Ueno hurls insults at her. It will feel wrong but that will only make you cum harder.
>I am a secondary
Fuck off

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Why is fanservice/H-manga/doujins involving lolis allowed to exist when you're not even supposed to find them sexy?
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i fapped so much to loli that now its boring to me
Thank god i found SS , the superior fetish
Because they are sexy, and if we were born just a few centuries sooner, we could've probably fucked some kids and gotten away with it.

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The ship is out of toilet paper. How do you solve this problem?
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I want my fucking S2, I need more Mashiro.
This is what I fear the most if the world would ever come to end.
Shouldn't be too hard to get some buckets and set up makeshit bidets.

If that doesn't work every girl on the ship has a working tongue so it's time for them to help each other out.

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Blonde goth loli vs. Dark haired goth loli
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Or silver goth loli.
someone take the trash out

Rate my lolibutt.
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I can see it
Why was there no lolibutt in S2 BDs?
I love Yuzuka!

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Straight traps are truly superior to all
Try to prove me wrong
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they don't lust for the dick
Traps were made to be broken by cock

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why is Gintama so shit at serious arcs?
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It isn't...
Because it's a gag manga.
the shogun assassination and goodbye shinsengumi were a snorefest

*pomf* What are we gonna do on the bed?
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It's not a bed, it's a surgical table dear. We're going to fix those eyes of yours.
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Putting you out of your misery
Maybe she is wondering why would someone put her on the bed before shooting her?

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Break Blade.png
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> When the MC doesn't show mercy
is there a greater feeling?
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He was going to show mercy though until he got taunted into it.

The entire scene was shit and out of character for Borcuse though.
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Fuckin' savage.png
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I thought it was because of the taunting and because Borcuse would be traded back so he couldn't afford to let him live.
When MC shows sympathy after dealing the final blow.

Onii-chan! Give me your (You)!
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I wanna fug Alluka!!!!

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What was your reaction to this scene?
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The only natural reaction.
I wish this had stayed fun. Instead it went down the chuuni shitter with those retard characters instead of paperclip waifu.

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i don't see any nuggets on here so i think i'll fix that
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punch nug.jpg
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nugget not happy
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1MB, 1620x1577px

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Kale is the best waifu ever, try to find anyone better
>pro tip: you can't
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Lesbians aren't waifus.
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>literally Broly with tits
She's so ugly.

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