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So, all these years we've been thinking this picture was of Skull Knight, right?
But Skully has both eyes lighten up. It's Guts that doesn't have the right eye.
What if this is actually Guts, after the berserker armor kills him?
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It could have been a symbolic foreshadowing at the time, but I'm not sure the story will follow that path anymore. Skullknight's path would then be Guts path, or what he could one day become. It would have been a nice way for his soul to stay away from the vortex after his flesh and body is gone.

It'll always be a nice alternative possibility I think. Flora also said that fate or casusality is a spiral and not a circle, and Guts and Shierke's path might not be destined to be the same as hers and Skullknight's.
Interesting idea but why would Guts have a behelit for a brain? I think it's just supposed to connect a few of the most pivotal characters in one symbol
>The Skull is cracked
>Skull (lul)
>One eye

I think you're right for the most part.

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I liked it. It had a pretty comfy ending. Don't know how they could get another season out of it without it getting too stale though.
It was fun
I did, and I eagerly await the next season as well as progress on the manga scans.

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what's it called when a manga or an anime take a genre and then flip it? it's been happening a lot lately.Goblin Slayer takes the fantasy/table top genre and flips it, Oregairu takes the romance genre and flips it, One Punch Man, ect. I like this shit.
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A-chan homerun derby.png
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Silly Old Ace... If the harbinger of spring is the sound of a racket on a ball, then I have become the harbinger of winter; a barren and desolate spot your racket will never hit. As my Bearrow strikes the table with the disgruntled furl of thirty thousands Acefags trudging out of the arena, watching as you throw down your racket in disgust and mourn what you'll never be, know this: you will never defeat me, A-chan. Not as long as you or I will live.
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shameless bump
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>mfw trying to battle tigger not knowing upgrades existed.
>>>/v/ you worthless faggot

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10 years from now we will still be talking about his influences to the industry and celebrate his ground breaking cinematography on the level of Shinkai and Kishimoto. What was your favorite Miyazaki movie /a/? Lets get nostalgic over the movies we used to see as children.
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Activated my almonds, well done anon
Literally who
who cares about this grumpy old faggot

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Post bad guys you really don't want to die.
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Not only is he going to die, he's also going straight to HELL
Im looking forward to his fight with Serpico

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What would K-On be like had it been adapted by another studio?
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Thank you for getting the stock response out of the way early, Anon-kun.
Why would you want to ruin a masterpiece?

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What is the East's fascination with the concept of an autistic blond women who wields a sword?
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because shes cute
I don't know OP, what's your fascination with shitposting this early in the day?

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Hello friends. 3x3 thread?
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Been on /a/ for a while but I never really got into these threads. Can someone explain how the rankings people give out work? Like 3/3, 4/4, 6/6 etc
what you liked / what you have seen

Not the same person. What counts as "seen"? Does it count as seen if I watch 3 chapters and drop it because it's utter shit? What about 1?

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What do you get when you mix the properties of rubber and gum?
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One giant asspull
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I dont read HxH
Someone explain this meme to me

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Shinsekai Yori. We already all agreed on this and decided to not bother discussing it further.
One Piece

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Accelerator Vs Gilgamesh.jpg
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Who wins in a fight?
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Accel could probably vector out most of Gil's shit, but the instant he pulls out Ea or even the original Gae Bolg, Accel is fucked.
Even assuming Accel doesn't have a limit on his power (he does), Gil has access to several reality-bending weapons that would straight up ignore it (he also apparently has weapons that are pure information in the GoB, fuck knows how that works). This is not counting Ea.

The answer is pretty obvious.

>Perfect girls don't' actually exi–
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–st. Kawai was a fucking bitch.
anon,this is an animationit's not real
I already forgot about this movie.

Don't mind me, just posting best girl
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>best girl

Old and busted, enjoy the new hotness.
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has mc fucked anyone yet?

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Who will die and how?
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Maria, hopefully.

Genjuro ;_;

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