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ayyy lmao
YES that was a fucking amazing fap session
why did it end so abruptly? did it get axed?
still fukken mad to be honest

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How 'bout one of these threads
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Is Berserk ever going to end? It releases at a snail's pace and progresses at a snail's pace too. It's been ongoing for THIRTY years. Most of its culturally-iconic moments happened literally over a decade ago, in some cases TWO decades. TWO DECADES SINCE CASCA TOOK THAT BIRDCOCK. LONGER THAN HALF YOU FAGGOTS HAVE PROBABLY EVEN BEEN ALIVE.

Plus Miura is getting old as fuck. I just don't see how this manga can realistically end.
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He could hamfist a quick ending in there somehow, but yeah, no way in hell does he have enough juice left to give it a proper conclusion by now.
His assistants will probably be doing more and more of the work, so I'm not even that excited about new releases desu
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Miura said in April 2009 that the story is about 60-70% done. That was around the time episode 302 came out. That means there would presumably be around 90-120 episodes left of the story, so around 40-70 episodes beyond where we are now. If he keeps up the monthly pace (unlikely), there's around 3-6 years of Berserk left.

That's assuming Miura hasn't changed plans since then. I have a feeling pic related was introduced so Miura could fastforward through all or most of the development he originally planned for Falconia while Guts' party was healing Casca.
Miura is not that old, he's only 50. If he decided to stop having hiatuses, I suspect that he could finish Berserk within 10 years.

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Protip: you can't
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>Space Dandy over Trigun
>I'm retarded
nigga wtf

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Its going to be shit isn't it?
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Is it going to be a TV series or movies?
There will be some recap movies for R1 and R2 and then a whole new series after
I believe it was a recap movie with new material and a new project after?

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I just watched the Episode 1 of R2...JESUS WHAT A FUCKEN CLUSTER FUCK

I assume it get better but...DAMN THAT SUCKED
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It only gets worse from there.
Don't do this to me anon...episode 1 was really bad.
Only normies like this shit

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Happy Birthday Araki!
What the real human bean planning for this month's chapter?

>JoJo Movie Live Action Trailer 2
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Araki makes me happy
Rai wins all our hearts then has a Narancia-tier cheap death.

Here's hoping even if he retires from Jojo he makes a few one shots / art still. I can't ever imagine him being an old man just sitting around all day.

A true madman never sleeps.
For once, Araki looks old.

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There are thousands upon thousands of anime out there yet /a/ only discusses currently airing and mainstream shows. Do you all have such shallow interest in expanding your horizons that you ignore the countless anime available that are often better than what you normally discuss?
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>/a/ only discusses currently airing
Not much actually.
They've already been discussed to death.
Mainstream? Nah, if you showed the average anime / manga fan most of the posts here, they wouldn't understand a thing.

I cant fucking stand loli/waifu/cute anime girls shit in general. I think they are fucking annoying and wish that whoever made them should get shot. I don't care the morality behind them, or the implications or any of the moral shit. If they just suddenly disappeared, I honestly believe this world would be a better place.

Just try and convince me otherwise.
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If you don't like girls then you're a homosexual.
Screencap this post and look at it again in ten years.

Why is manga so unpopular compared to anime?
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Hyouka - Kininarimasu.png
3MB, 1920x1080px

Anime is a lot easier to consume, especially in Japan where you can just watch it on your TV. There are ever increasing options popping up online as well that let you very easily watch anime, many more options than manga. Watching something is a lot easier than reading something as well, since it continues whether or not you understood anything about it at a consistent pace. Compare this to reading speeds vary from person to person.

Plus, it has several things over manga, several of those being obvious things like sound, voices, music, and usually color along with others.

I'm not trying to bash manga, by the way. Just answering your question.
>in the west
you mean?
Huh? As a market, Manga is WAY bigger than Anime in Japan, United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Taiwan.

The question should be why is ANIME unpopular compared to manga?

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Which part would you like to have Araki rewrite?
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hi give me memes about kakyoin dying
>Which part would you like to have Araki rewrite?

Stop asking that question.
part 3

Have you ever started reading a manga after learning how it ends?
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Never read a manga that was already completed when i started.
But there has been plenty of times were people start threads with a scene from the final episode of an anime that gets me enough disturbed to watch it, usually in one sitting as well.
I was getting kinda bored reading jojo part 1, before the anime came out, and just skipped forward a bunch of volumes to see where the plot is going, ended up in the middle of the fight against The Sun in part 3 and kept reading until the end. So after going back to part 1, after reading part 3, pretty much spoiled what happens at the end to Jonathan and Dio.
don't really care about jojo, but was it worth it?

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I haven't seen a maid dragon thread in awhile so I made this to check up on you guys.

You guys hanging in there..?
It'll be alright. There's always next time.
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>maid dragon confirmed dead

My condolences.
>Maid dragon confirmed dead
Don't you nerds have an OVA coming out next season?

How can one character be so based?
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He just is
I prefer Tennosuke.
He just is

Dont mind me,just posting best girl from the show
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pic unrelated
EXCELLENT taste my brother. I want to fuck every hole in Darkonessu
Even behind the knee
Paizuri slave with occasional throatfucks

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