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who is the best canon bunny girl in anime and why is it Kallen?
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Lum is objectively better.

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Superior Rabbit passing through!

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>it's literally death note but with baseball

what the fuck
how did anyone think this was a good idea
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It's Akagi-lite playing baseball
Liar Game is better.
I liked One Outs more, and I don't even care about baseball. What is that author doing now anyways? It would be great to have a new manga similar to either of those.

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So, now that the dust has settled, we all agree we hated this, right?
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We all agree Nono was best girl, right?
I get your joke, but I don't it's very smart to bump this thread, just let it go.
Does she use the doll during sex?

This is on Steam now and I hear it's the best VN ever purely because it's extremely fucking cool
Should I read it?
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>I hear it's the best VN ever purely because it's extremely fucking cool

Seems like it's tailor made for you, you chu2 fuck.
I like stupid and cool things anon, nothin' wrong with that. Lots of people on this board do as well, otherwise we wouldn't have Fate threads every now and then.
Not anime, you retarded fucking faggot.

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This is only rated because it was directed by Anno and was made by the old Gainax staff right? There aren't people who really think this show has good writing/ plot, right? There also arent any people who seriously like the fucking cast, right? I've watched a lot of mecha shows but never bothered with Gunbuster because I dont like short OVAs all that much but I really gotta say: Anno succeeded in showing just how annoying and unenjoyable a female cast can make a mech show. If it was for e5/6 visuals this shit could go straight into the bin.
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What an amazing display of shit taste, OP. Here's your (You).
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Post your best b8 images
Diebuster > Gunbuster, anyway.

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S-Super regeneration conditioning r-right?
M-Maybe this will just be a gag and he regrows that arm.

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For some reason CCCP has been shitting itself on my PC for a while now - causing it to crash when I watch anything. What's the community standard for codecs and players nowadays? Been a while since I've used anything but MPC-HC + CCCP.
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Already use mpv on my linux partition (dual-booting pleb because muh vidya). Should have specified I meant for Windows. Unless it is on Windows nowadays?
MPC-HC + MadVR + xysubfilter is the Windows standard. Uninstall CCCP, then install MPC-HC, MadVR and xysubfilter.

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Name a character more unlikeable than this guy

Protip: you most likely can't
I'm fucking seething. I've literally never in my life been this fucking mad
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He did literally nothing wrong. Also his mom is hot.
you don't cheat on 2D.
That one kid from Minami-ke.

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>roughly 40kg

Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.
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Oh fuck, boner and hype killed.
>not liking short girls
She'll always be second to Kurisu anyways

who would win in a bare knuckle fight when neither of them are injured? Asuka or Shinji?
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the viewer
Touji's punches are able to knock Shinji flat on his ass. Shinji's punches, meanwhile, make Touji stumble, but he is ultimately able to stay upright. We can surmise that Shinji isn't exceptionally strong. Asuka is actually portrayed as physically strong, but it's almost always, if not actually always, played off as slapstick. Still, Asuka would be able to knock Shinji down first, and probably repeatedly.
However, Shinji's tolerance for pain is very extreme, and if he's bare knuckle fighting Asuka, he's been stripped of all inhibitions.
Even if Asuka looks at first like the favorite to win, Shinji will annihilate her.

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take the moa pill anon
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theres no point in resisting
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you belong to me anon
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for the thicc lovers

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will anything ever top it?
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Watch more anime faggot
I remember watching it in like 1988 or 89.. was maybe 11 or 12 years old. I wish there were more animuvies like it

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Took me a second to get the joke. When I did, I must admit, I had myself a good chuckle.I typically don't find 'internet humor' especially amusing or relatable. Nonetheless, in today's bitter political climate, I find solace in a little bit of an injection of humor into this crazy world. Anyways, good job, hope to see more of this in the future
>same exact thread (yet) again

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>The adaptation will be produced by Tomorrow Studios, a joint venture between Britain's ITV Studios and producer Marty Adelstein that's also producing TNT's adaptation of Bong Joon-ho's movie Snowpiercer. Sunrise, the Japanese studio that produced the original animated series, will also be producing the adaptation, along with Midnight Radio, Becky Clements, and Matthew Weinberg. Marvel staffer Chris Yost, who's co-written screenplays for Thor movies, is attached to write.
>Cowboy Bebop aired on Adult Swim in 2001, the first anime series to air on the network. It also got a movie that same year. A live-action film adaptation starring Keanu Reeves was announced in 2008, but it never got off the ground. Perhaps this adaptation will have better luck.
No matter what happens, we can be certain that fans of the original will be mad at the adaptation.
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Good luck
File: 1496787822453.png (1B, 486x500px)
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Its the same company making the Snowpiercer tv show. I'm going to stay positive.
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please tell me that's not the actual cast.

You're not allowed to masturbate to this ship anymore.
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arashi 77.jpg
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Thats fine by me.
Fuck shima.
Asashio is a superior fap.
Can I still masturbate to boys cosplaying as her?

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