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When will this meme end?
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Nostalgiafags can't face reality
>UP: Simple traditional and iconic.
>DOWN:Tryhard digital,derivative.
>1999 = scary schizo
>2011 = glittery gay

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I already have a waifu but Shion is so perfect in so many ways and, despite GJ-bu's lack of fanservice, had an incredible sexual subtext to her dialogue and actions. I want to take her to a family restaurant and watch her marvel at all the middle-class American junk food
Who's your waifu?
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Is this what happens when you bring friends
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Its what happens when you try to bully. Bullies of all age should be killed.
New chapter when
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Hopefully this gets dropped so we get more frequent Happiness releases.

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Quick Rundown

>This is a story in a RPG world (Not Real MMO) that MC gets cucked by hero-sama so hard that he GTFO's of the city into a high level zone in the forest surrounded by a mountain for a year. With the blessing of a goddess who thought MC's recent NTR was not just, MC goes on and Eats every single thing in the forest until he BTFO of the "Dragon King" of the mountain by going full T-800. Dragon thinks MC is "Pretty Good" and takes him to some sort of "Halls of Justice", a castle in the middle of fucking nowhere just to get REVERSED harem-ed for the moment.

Only 2+1 chapters at the moment.
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You forgot the part where he meets best girl.
We don't know that and Fucking spoil that shit.
Manga needs to stop taking its fucking time and he needs to reclaim his waifu.

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Wtf was his problem?
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Being completely right.
When does this shit get good? I'm on episode 4, boring nonsense so far
It's pretty boring for a while but the ending makes it worth it.

This image really makes you think, huh.
About the blatant monopoly of the light novel industry but the corporate elites
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I'm talking about how 98% of the LN industry is owned by one group, the corporate elite that basically controls LN prices however they see it
The prices are low so I guess they are a pretty fair elite.

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Which was better /a/?
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This one.
-Better story
-Better direction
-Better characters
Your name
-Better Visual
-Better OST
-Better compositions.
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Both movies propitiated a similar experience in the sense that they were both enjoyable by watching for what the movies were. But in both cases, there are substantial flaws regarding the characters' personalities and motives, and although you can see what the movies are trying to do, the characters' actions feel somewhat unnatural and it feels like there's something else that was not shown to me that made the characters do what they were doing. Koe no Katachi spends almost the entirety of its 2 hours on its characters and they still feel underdeveloped while Kimi no Na Wa pulls the "musubi, bitch, ain't gotta explain shit" card.

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ITT Girls you might actually win against in a fist fight.
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N°1 : you
N°2 : the rest of /a/
Feeling confident, huh? What about a dick fight?
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I really hope this gets an anime adaptation


Title:Do you like your mother?

Anyone has the LN?
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Oh mama, hentai OVA when?
Why? It's not very good and the artstyle is going to suffer in the transition to anime, which is the entire selling point besides the mom.
The LN was a big hit in japan

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How do you torture that which gets off on torture?
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Cuddle them.
Kill em.
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Don't torture. Punishment worse that death!

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A place where people share screencaps of reddit and no one bats an eye.

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"State of 4chan", actually.
We need a new cleansing. Cotton-Eye Joe-style.
>SnK threads
I think I found your problem.
this meta-thread is worse.

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Let's get this clear, in terms of feats alone, Suiryu > Garou


>one hit KO'd 2 A-class heroes
>beat several monsters consecutively
>beat a transformed Choze, including kicking his laser beam
>stopped by a Dragon class threat


>struggles with A-classes, beats them while sustaining injuries
>fights heroes when they're busy dealing with other threads (kill-stealing)
>stopped by little girl
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Garou takes on 5 S-class heroes and makes Tornado fall to her knees.

Mary Sue-yu is a filler character that will be forgotten now that the entire arc's build-up for the disciple gag has ran it's course.
Webcomic isn't canon anymore.
So the tournament's over, right? Fairly sure they're going to offscreen Garou vs. Watchdog, so what comes next?

>Zombieman and Genus
>King Combo
>Dine and Dash
>Hotpot battle

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Anyone know how many raw chapters there are of Rokudenashi Blues? The latest scanlated chapters are from volume 14/15ish and Wikipedia says there's 42 volumes of the series.
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425 chapters, they aren't numbered in the tankobons but they were when they originally appeared in the magazine and all 425 are in the 42 tanks...which are all readily available, I'm trying to learn Japanese just so I can translate the rest for people since it's probably my favorite series...but that'll still be a while at best (still faster than it will get translated at the current rate)

There's a lot of hugely important characters that have not even been introduced yet in what has been translated including the first arcs of the other two Heavenly Kings and then the arc where they all team up

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Was it autism?
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No, it was trauma.
Trauma from what?
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Peace at last.png
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What is she so mad about?
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Lack of Season 2
lack of route for the other girls
She's mad you ignored all of the warning signs and still are watching this shitpile

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