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Specifically, her butt? Does she have the best butt in the series?

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Non was my favorite girl.
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Wasn't her butt just fat? I mean... pic related
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i like nozomi more

What is wrong with this girl? She invited a guy over to her house without her parents and then starts undressing. She's in middle school too.

Isn't this illegal?
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>Isn't this illegal?
Does it matter?
It's legal in my country. Not my fault you live in a shithole
Now she's playing some weird games.

This definitely looks illegal.

Is this anime any good?
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Why don't you just fucking watch it?
It's not like you're too busy if you have the time to shitpost in here.
Hey guys I just watched the first episode of it last night, was it good?
if so what will I think of the rest?
It had good art.
I don't remember much about what happened though, so I guess it didn't stand out that much.

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Haww yeeow liekh thewss shawwh? Sheewkouh aeeh cewteeh, yeehss?
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I like it a lot

wish it was longer, hope Kyoto Animation keeps making movies that aren't from one of their shows, one a year or so would be great
Eye lieehhd da cchromettick ayberrachunn! Graetee dreeckting!



You hear it you lose
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Groovy magic!
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Why didn't the androids arc ended with Cell killing mirai trunks to effectively close the time loop?
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He killed trunks after he returned to the future thus creating a new timeline.
its fiction, time travel is impossible and if it was, the paradoxes would fuck it up, just enjoy the wrok and dont think too much about the small plot things
That's the same Cell who achieved perfect form and later killed by Gohan.

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STATLER: So I hear ya saw Kyoani's latest movie. It's the one about the deaf girl, right?


STATLER: So what did ya think?

WALDORF: Lemme just say this; with all that filter abuse, by the end, I was wishing I was blind!

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Why do these two book a VIP box every night for shows they hate?
WALDORF: So we finally saw Sword Art Online. Yeah, it was pretty shitty. What'd you think, Statler?


WALDORF: Uh, Statler? You okay, man?

(STATLER is beet red, gripping his armrests, and visibly shaking)

STATLER: Anime...was...a MISTAKE.
That's how old-time vaudeville worked. You bought a ticket not just for one show, but a whole block of them, so the law of averages would usually guarantee at least one bad one.

Theaters would occasionally bring out an act they knew would be poorly received just to clear out the audiences and make them pay again to get back in.

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>no good manga where a young boy dates an older woman that isnt sexual in nature
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>characters date
>isnt sexual in nature
Bet you got friendzoned OP.
keep looking, or go to >>>/wsr/
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There's "sensei lock on"
It's pretty adorable and isn't sexual in nature

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Go to sleep if your waifu gets posted (or waifus for you unfaithfuls)
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What is your ideal maid like?
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What's wrong with her leg?
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Not a disgusting knife ear with an elephantman leg for starters

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K-On!! is a better written show than LOGH
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No arguments here.
It's better animated and directed too.
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legend of gay lactating homos

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Yagami Raito.jpg
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I actually wanted this motherfucker to win.
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Same. It would be fun if the "bad guy" won for once
Light is justice.
Definitely one of the saddest is pic related, he literally died to save the world.

Also pick any death from Clannad.

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no escape.png
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Why did pure sluts become so popular in Japan?
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A small portion of the population realizes that for the Japanese race and nation to survive they will have to breed. Pure waifus don't produce offspring, sluts do. The only segment of Japanese society that is actually producing children at the replacement rate is the lower class of delinquents and gyaru sluts who don't graduate from high school.
Otakus eventually had the realization that pure girls didn't exist, and that they had to adapt with the times. The result of that is the pure slut.
>Pure waifus don't produce offspring, sluts do.

this fits right in with my hypothesis that the prevalence of nakadashi is a conspiracy to get elevens to make more babies.

oh and succubus-san best girl

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creepy pasta.png
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Do you think animation should naturalistically depict the real world or try to do things you can't pull off in live action?
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Why does it have to be one or the other? That's one of the great things about animation you can do either or both, the possibilities are incredibly vast.

People who use this tend not to have any idea what the word means.

Anime is ALREADY an abstraction by nature of being an animation. Language is an abstraction.

If it was to push realism, then you'd just be doing a live action and it wouldn't be anime.
Directors should do whatever they want.

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