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Episode 10 is out and Fire Drake is ready to destroy Nozomifags.
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I guess this won't last.
man they did not plan this campaign out at all


I want Levi to call me cute too

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>Ara ara, what are you looking at, Anon-kun?
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Moogs a soft! SOFT!!
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a terrible girl from a terrible show
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inb4 forced memes. Ebin,

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So /a/ when watching Madoka is it just watching the series and then the Movies? Or is there a correct way to go about watching them?
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Series then movies, obviously.
Watch the series.
Ignore the movies.
Especially Rebellion.
Watch the TV show and then Rebellion. The first two movies are just retellings of the show.

When did you realize that Emilia was better than Rem?
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When I grew up.
Emilia is better than some clownfucker. You meant Ram, right? I don't know if someone named Rem shows up later on to make some retarded triangle.
Literally the definition of waifubait

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NAh man
No one cares. Go back to youtube.

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Forget about Nozomi, Post Tallgeese instead
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tallgeese 1600X900 test.jpg
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Yeah fuck that bitch.
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No hate in my tallgeese thread anon.

How much better would DBZ have been if it ended after Freeza?
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Things would have been 1000x better If Buu never happened and Goten was never born.

>buu arc plot is a carbon copy of android/cell arc plot
>evil old bastard is going to wake up his creation and destroy the world
>heroes warned in advance
>they fuck up and the monster is let loose
>evil guy killed by his own creation
>buu is literally pink cell, he absorbs things to transform and regenerates
>buu arc introduced goten, a generic goku clone that only existed to be a substitute for dead goku
>not one retarded asspull fusion ability, but two different kinds
>two toddlers can go super saiyan for no reason
>they go super saiyan 3 for some reason, something goku could only achieve because he was dead and couldn't run out of energy
Infinitely, most series go on way too long just because they bring in money
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erika shrug.png
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Well at least the fusion faggotry wouldn't exist. And the fanbase would be 10 times more tolerable. Buu arc was a mistake.

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The artistic peak of the medium.
Once you have seen it, all other animes become obsolete.
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>3 years old
so true
I guess

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Too awhile but there's subs for the new movie out.
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They need to adapt the 2nd and 4th book
Yes I was waiting for this. I really love the Senpai/Kouhai romance stuff.
So does Senpai actually do something besides confess to Enemoto

He doesn't seem to do much in the videos besides be Hina's crush too

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Why Nozomi lovers just not only celebrate her birthday with their own thread?
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Shut up tomato
You shut up shit fag
Because Nozomi lovers are all autistic fucktards.

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>The world famous anime Neon Genesis Evangelion has officially been picked up by HBO for a live action adaptation under the title, Evangelion
>The short series will run 26, 40 minute episodes adapting the anime and beyond
>HBO has yet to announce a director and cast, but promises a teaser trailer revealing both by the end of the summer.
>Talks of adapting the anime finale, End of Evangelion for a theatrical film have also surfaced.

It's fucking happening.
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fake and gay
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>Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found or has been deleted
Not even surprised
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>its fake
whew. dodged a bullet. now if only that bebop adaption could die...

I found an QUALITY
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also general QUALITY thread
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Don't talk shit about my wife

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New chapter out. Get in here lads.
JSDF base about tV receive a grim reminder
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>Sato isn't Sato
>but is probably Sato
Absolute madman does it again
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________ ARE REALLY HUMANS!!!!
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They look like people!
Fuck you i thought a new season came out

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Is this the biggest birthday spam yet?
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Fat people suck.
Get it, biggest because she's the fattest idol
Fat bitch.

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