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It's that time of the month, for Witchy Activity.

Another slow, short chapter this month, but at least sensei continues to build the stakes for the big (climactic?) arc that seems to be brewing. The new tank volume's out in a few months too.

Today: Guess who's comin' to dinner?
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-So, you guys~, how far have you gotten together~?
-Wh...What's this about, all of a sudden?
-[Witch Craft Works]
-You kn~ooow~, you guys're finally committed to a relationship, ain'cha?
-And when a man and a woman of mature age are living together under one roof...
-...it wouldn't be that strange for 5 or 6 "indiscretions" to have happened, duh!
-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-Oi, Mei. Don't inquire too deeply about such things. It's bad form.
-Aww, it's FINE. They're our friendly neighbors, y'know?
-[Love talk with the KMM-Dan.]

-[Chapter 62: Takamiya-kun and the Dinner Party over Summer Break]


Mei, asking the important questions. Ah, who would have thought we'd seen the day when our MCouple was besties with the KMM-Dan.
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-[Right now, the two of us are in the middle of shopping with this weird combination of groups.]
-[If you were to askme how things came to this.......]
-[The release date for the latest Volume #11 has been set for 8/7!!]
-[3 Hours Earlier]
-((*ding~~ dong~~))
-Good afternoon.
-Ah-! Mama-san.


>that casual groping of Kotetsu's chest

I guess Komachi just ends up Mama-san to everyone.
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-This is part of a cake I just baked.
-I thought I'd share with everyone.
-Thank you very much.
-My, you're from across the way.
-That reminds me, you took good care of my girls a while back as well, didn't you.
-Thanks muchly for that time.
-No, no, it was so much fun, feeling like I had such a huge family~~!
-Ah-! I know! Summer vacation will be over soon, so how about we sit everyone down for a meal at least once?
-We'll call it a casual social get-together.
-May I ask you something?


*See way back after Medusa's arc. Aww she even put little KMM's on the cake for them.

Chapter came out early
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It's 16 pages
Puri Puri is fighting it
What the fuck was the point?

Is School Days the best fluff anime ever produced? I rated it 10/10, because the show is objectively good.
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yes. saionji best girl. even if she can be a little jealous sometimes
>not liking boat rides
Nicest anime boat of all times

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pic totally fucking related
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Well if you don't like it, then don't watch it!
Well if you don't like this thread, then don't read it.

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Reminder that Yamcha is beautiful.
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Quitela Posing.png
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He is the best GoD!
So the running gag of Yamcha waiting to be asked to join the team ends with Yamcha not joining the team...?

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Offu- Teruhashi san?!?

>anime 2nd season never
>manga scanlations never
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>>anime 2nd season never
It was already announced, though?
T-Teruhashi san

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Why does she wear the shorts?
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No one cared who she was until she put on the shorts.
She's a big girl
For you.

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What the fuck do Japanese people think kissing is?

Is this just a Manga thing where Manga artists have never kissed so they don't understand kissing?
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Its the same country that produced eyeball licking.
The fuck do you expect?
You're seriously underestimating how beta a country Japan has become.
Are you too autistic to tell that it's a fetish?

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just caught up with MHA, need a good show to fill the void of waiting, you /a/migos have any reccomendations
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yeah try fuck off to /r/anime and never come back
Yeah try this
yeah, kill yourself
now how about that

What do you think about Crona?
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Tragic, deserved better.
He should have been tortured to death.
She's cute.

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What's his endgame?
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100% completion, and not of his manga
It seems that he wants to tie up the Kurapika/Chrollo/Troupe storyline while killing off a shit ton of the cast, then probably finish up the Gon/Gyro and Killua/family stuff and do his Yugioh manga in 99 years.

He already got his endgame, fucking over Shueisha.

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That moment when chastity of your heroine is actually gone.
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Ch.10 RAW:
Theory: Lilia and Lumi get dicked and they turned very possessive over their lover. Momo will kidnap MC and bids him to whomever gives the highest value. Lilia and Lumi fall to Momo little game like the dummies they are. Momo later on [soiler]Dies_.[/spoiler]
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>find out that they are now set to live several times longer life than others
>having possibility to share same chance with others
Would you still be possessive in such case?

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happenings that we will witness in our lifetime
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okay, you start.
That doesn't look like 8man sitting alone contemplating how he ruined everything.
these two are qt

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This is the cast of the newest magical girl show.
Guess their personalities and choose a best girl.
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I'm a sucker for that Bosnia girl. I will root for her.
I only know of one magical girl who plays football.
spain a slut

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How realistic would it be for there to be a third season announced?
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It will never happen for the rest of forever.
It would've already aired if it were to happen.
The first two seasons were made specifically to shill the LNs and the author has since fucked off so never ever. Shit, I'm surprised we got the fanfiction of Yuki-chan.

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