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She is the best girl, everyone who disagree is a faggot, its in the constitution
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Mierda Sobrevalorada 2016
Aun te arde el culo no remaricon
Emilia es mejor
Emilia es irrelevante en casi todos los casos
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I'm tired of these doe-eyed, overly cute 'kawaii' waifubait characters.
I prefer my women to be strong, stern, and well spoken.

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There's no reason why there is 7 threads of her up right now
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there is more brother
he's trying to top the bird poster
It's her birthday, dumbass.

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Has to be FLCL imo
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The ones I like I like so much that it'd feel unfair to pick one over another.
I unironically agree.
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Who's gayer?
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Homura isn't gay.

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Possibly the greatest idol musician of all times, and certainly one of the most original and influential geniuses of the 21th century, Nozomi Toujou, also known as Nontan, completely erased all musical dogmas and simply reinvented music on her own terms. Formally, her style blends Jpop, Jrock, avantgarde and rock and roll, but what is unique about Toujou's music is the oblique, skewed, manic, unpredictable and demented structure of her compositions. The shrine (where she grew up) could be a better key to understand her art than any of the influences that one can hear on her songs. Along the way, Toujou also created one of the most original styles of singing ever, one that, again, revolutionized centuries of vocal music. The soft, seductive, alluring, warbling of Toujou beat the idols at their own game: it did more than express a state of mind, it redefined what a state of mind is. Toujou's singing is a force of nature.
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Captain Beefcurtains
Is Toujou Tim Exile?

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Is it me or is the current season kinda tame?
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I want to put my coat around Kanna.
but didn't it turn out to be white?
nah, take individual pixels and blow them up and it's blindingly obvious that it's blue

ITT: anime that tim forgot about
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Someone should go remind Tim then.
Tim has every right to forget that piece of shit
Fuck you, Tim.

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So the soundtrack was pretty polarizing for this one. Any other series have soundtracks that are loved by some and hated by others?

I personally loved it. Reminded me of Hey Arnold!
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>soundtracks that are loved by some and hated by others
What kind of dumb question is this?
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>Any other series have soundtracks that are loved by some and hated by others?
All I remembered was a fucking piano. Also different ending songs each episode.

Do you prefer intelligent or dumb girls?
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I prefere characters meanwhile they aren't stupid autistic retards
Mayuri is smart though.
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When will forced animation stop being a thing?

It never looks good
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What's wrong with that?
That does look good
What's up with all the shitposters complaining about good animation?

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Koe no Katachi.jpg
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So we can all agree that Koe no Katachi is a bad manga and that KyoAni made an even worse anime, right?
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Mediocre manga, masterpiece anime
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Can we all agree OP is a faggot who can't even use a simple search function?


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I just finished reading this...

Ovas when?
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Never. Now stop trying to trigger PTSD in some anons.
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This wasn't even bad, how can it give anons a spook?
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Only pussies got triggered by this. Real men can hold their boners while reading the entirety of the book.

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If one of the 5 other people who like it are here, the tenth chapter of Atom - The Beginning was released today and I dunno if it had a dump here, but whatever. The story seems to taking a nice direction.
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Rei Ayanami Thread
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Rei a shit.png
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best girl

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You may only choose one.
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They're both fucking shit.
Kirino is better but I like Sagiri too.

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