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Why do I have a harder time connecting with other Western anime watchers recently? They call themselves "weebs" while seemingly acting ashamed of it, relate everything to normalfag memes, have very shallow and seasonal-oriented taste (even if they're above watching shit like Fairy Tail or SaO) , treat me like a smug elitist for actually criticizing writing or direction, and almost all of them stream with Crunchyroll. Why is this happening? Am I getting old?
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they are otacool faggots that pretend to like things because they are niche and they think it makes them edgy and unique. they're cancerous faggots and you see them invading the board constantly. report them and stop spoonfeeding them
Fuck off.
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You should realize by now that most people who watch anime are "ironic weebs," and that there are very few people who actually care about anime and manga on more than superficial level.

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interview with assistant.jpg
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>Q: Why did Kishimoto choose to end the manga the way he did?

>‘’To be honest, i am not very sure. For the longest time he talked about Naruto and Sakura being the end-game but suddenly changed his mind. He always intented to make all the characters happy, so if this is what he went for then it should be accepted (or could be acknowledge we are not sure here).’’

>Q: What can we expect from Boruto?

>‘’There is a bigger project in work a long side the anime series that i can not reveal yet. Kishimoto really wants us to break free from the old Naruto series and introduce new ideas.’‘

>Q: Naruto’s family is getting a lot of attention (from the anime) but the fans are hoping for the Uchiha family too.

>‘’Yes, we have understood that and we’re currently working on an entire arc dedicated to them. Sarada will find herself and understand the true meaning of family.’‘

Someone isn't saying the truth here, i thought Kishi said NaruHina was end game all along but his editors forced him to create love triangle between between Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura?

>Nips asking for more Uchihawank
They have shit taste alright.
No doubt Kishi had to comply with it...
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I think it's more like Assistant kun being retarded and got caught up in the red herring.
That's a troll translation of Junko Takeuchi's interview for The Last you fool
well shit
sage then

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Was it really that bad?

I cried 2bh
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>Was it really that bad?

Nope, Rebellion was good. Ignore any anon that says otherwise.
Rebellion was a masterpiece

Kyoko a best
>youtube thumbnail
fuck off retard. lurk for 2 years before posting

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2018 fate extella last encore fail
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Rin's neck makes me diamonds.
Why can nobody top DEEN when it comes to making it look like Fate?
Which one do you prefer?

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Ruler is the best Mahou shoujo. No one else in her series even comes close to Her.
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>No one else in her series even comes close to Her
Well yea being dead and buried keeps anyone from getting closer.
The BD releases file sizes are ridiculously inflated, is there any good reason to use them over the TV or CR rips?
Useless lonely Christmas cake.

Anybody still watching the anime?
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I guess not
I'm just waiting for raws and live tl.
Should it be soon?

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why is it that all the pizza CC eats goes straight to her butt? How can 3DPD compete?
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Goes to her constantly having to regen her body, can you imagine how many calories she burns per day just healing herself?

>And then you'll blow up!
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Is Shinka a good character?
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Kinda, but the body she's attached to is pretty great.
I want to cum inside Shinka.
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nibutani what a loser.jpg
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yay or nay?

I personally didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
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Great OP.
Bondage scene was glorious.
Fear a best.
RIP rainbow-chan ;_;
Regardless of anything else, it's a really good looking show.
I liked it a lot. The novels are pretty good too.

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What is his problem?
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He hasn't really done anything, but OI get the feeling he's a smug asshole.
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Heavy spoilers ahead, anons
>just got into this shit
>didn't think I'd like it with how much waifu-circlejerk goes on here
>mfw that fucking fight between Midoriya, and shoto
>mfw that fight where Deku and Bakogou team up to challenge ALL MIGHT
>mfw Deku goes ABSOLUTE MADMAN with the invasion on their camp
>mfw All For One forces the world to see for what All Might really is

The ride never ends, does it?
Only sane man on the rescue mission
>why are we charging a Yakuza base
>why does Sir refuse to use his incredibly useful powers
>why did Sir use his quirk on a pretty cure doll collector
>why does does that freshman girl keep talking to herself
>why am I even here as a black guy I'm totally gonna die

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She did nothing wrong.
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She was a massive cunt
She was racist and had a fit over anything related to Japanese.

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Why doesn't KyoAni make more fun anime?
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They should make another Amaburi & Maid Dragon.

>inb4 Phantom Sales is complete shit.
Amaburi is just shit in general.
Ew. What a shit taste.

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I'm so sorry this shit had to happen with her. She really brought some light into that show. Such a sweet, innocent child with a lot of charisma. I wish we could protect her smile.
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Also, props to that retard for not checking on her body after the incident. He was so sure she is dead, he didn't even wanted to bury her, leave alone checking if she's really dead. You are a fucking moron, buddy, rest in peace.
Why did they ruin her? Fucking pig disgustin

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This is out, volume 17 is out, and the special Itagaki crap is out in ~4 days. No anime news, no hype.
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Chapter 160: Sword and Scar
File: image007.jpg (394KB, 836x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>Narrator: A man with a tattoo on his back...
>N: And a man wearing a sword...
>N: The police watch silently.
File: image008.jpg (413KB, 836x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>N: The police are actually just *watching* this extraordinary affair...
>Twigs: "Hey..."
>T: "Huh...?"
>T: "The police aren't doing anything..."
>T: "What are they waiting for?"

I think Twig #4 speaks for us all.

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air faggots.jpg
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Guys, I just finished Last Exile. Did I like it?
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all but the ending.
You thought it was a 6/10
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[muffled bagpipes in the distance]

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