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Another SOL. At least a bit fruitful than before.
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Furuya is maturing.
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> He will not use Miyuki today.
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> Senpai please do not leave me behind.

Just finished this, what was the ending about?
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Couldn't figure it out for yourself, eh?
He is just securing child on the way to connect to net sphere?
The adventure continues next chapter kind of ending

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Anyone reading fantasy Working!!! ?
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with those tits, i'm wondering why i'm not
Im reading it for Mutsu and the cute puppy
It's a shame that they stopped translating this

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We're reaching thiccness levels that shouldn't even be possible.
t h i c c
Will I be arrested if I save this image?

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Do you hook up your shit on your TV?
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Is there any other way?
I honestly prefer to watch stuff on my PC.
In your bed, under the blanket, off a laptop/tablet

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Hidamari Sketch is a better anime than Monogatari.
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Hidamari Sketch is the best anime.
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Interesting comparison.

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Style over substance
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I love feet.
are the creators footfags or something? This was ridiculous
He's the Michael Bay of anime, what do you expect?

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How's that backlog coming along?
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Almost done with SBY 2199, it's been an excellent series so far. This face-off between commanders is hype as fuck. I'm going to watch Shingeki no Bahamut next, but you anons can pick what comes after that: http://www.strawpoll.me/13131759
Better. Hacking away at my manga backlog. Been reading some old shounen I never got to or finished 10+ years ago.

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Let's get this clear, in terms of feats alone, Garou >>> Shitryu.

>saved by the very A classes who held back while fighting him
>struggles to beat one demon level
>goes all out and utterly jobs to a dragon whom he can't even move with his ultimate attack

>one-shots numerous A classes who're not just higher tier than Snek and Max but also legitimately tried to kill Garou
>holds back against S classes and still manages to no sell their moves
>takes on 3 demons "as strong as S classes" at once, obliterates the biggest one and batters the other two
>first time meeting a dragon it's Rover and he simply one punches the dog through the floor evading all of his attacks flawlessly

Not surprising since Shitryu's martial art is a literal piece of shit while Garou is THE h2h genius with the best techniques at his disposal.
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Why are you acting like the people this series makes fun of?
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Thanks for stating the obvious Captain Obvious.
Here have a picture of a Japanese bird cooking spaghetti.
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ONE unironically answers matchup and power level questions in interviews anon. The series does not revolve around Saitama gags.

Best loli?
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awful tsun
She's the sexiest tsunloli in existence. Best for rape and marriage. Trust me, I'm an expert.

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She sees your dick
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why was zange chan such a slut ?
>season 2 when?????
See this! *unzips dick*
>tfw she has zero porn

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Are Kimi no Na Wa and Koe no Katachi actually good? Why is everyone talking about them?

They just seem like 5 cm per second, all visuals and no substance. Also body swap is a tired meme.
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Lurk 3 more years before posting.
Why don't you watch them and find out?
Because most of this guys material is exactly the same

Why do people think it would be better if Cell came back instead of Freeza? Nobody likes Cell.
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I guess because Freezer already came back really, really recently
Cell is more popular in America but Frieza is more popular in Japan and Europe
Frieza a shit

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So did GWM hire ninjas to kidnap this guy or something?
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People are actually watching this?
Nah man
Naito's whole gimmick is being apathetic and wanting to make other people upset. He couldn't care less if NJPW dies.

What went wrong?
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What went right?
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Literally nothing.

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