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Oh, almost forgot
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Right side

"This is for washing"

Lacking words

"It's such a coincidence that we came to the same super market"
"Sure is"

"It's a rare moment, so why don't we go home together until we're partway home?"


"No... I just wanted to hold your stuff"
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Comic 1
These two are sort of watching over

"When I made a kneaded eraser, it ended up looking like a giant pillbug"

"Okaaay, I'm gonna surprise Aria today"

"Reach your hand out"

"That's not what I mean when I say 'reach..."

Comic 2
Super fast Suzu


"Mutsumi-chan's so fast! She's a week ahead of us"


"Whoa, she's done already!?"
"It's like she's 30 weeks ahead of me"
The second hand hasn't even
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Comic 1
Lump of loyalty

"It looks like it's going to rain"
"How do you know?"

"I have a sharper sense of smell than others"

"So I can perceive every single smell"

"So in order to know about milady's health"
"I asked to sniff milady's farts"
"But she said no"
"But of course"

Comic 2
After getting wet

"I'm home"
"It rained super hard"

"The cuffs of your skirt are wet"
"Please get changed"

"Dejima-san, your cuffs are also wet, right?"

"I was practicing how to roll up my skirt with my mouth"
Like this
"So it's saliva"

Finally got around to watching the Garo movie, was fucking amazing. Cried like a bitch when I realized they were gonna mention Lara again.
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Few more caps, since I only took a couple
Lots of tears were shed. Ending was great too.

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name an anime better than flip flappers. what's that? you can't? HAH!

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Denpa Onna.
Concrete Revolutio.

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How about a game of mahjong?

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PT, are you still working at Wendy's?
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Here's how to join.



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FF appreciation board
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cute plankton.png
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I can get behind this
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smug plankton.jpg
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Why was Tohsaka Rin selected to host the goddess of prostitutes?
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I want to bury my face in her ass and die.

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[HorribleSubs] Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 10 [720p].mkv
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>Loli so happy to see Heine

Will he marry the loli?
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What does /a/ think of the manga and anime?
I think it's above average, for sure.
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It's an enjoyable series
i guess thats why its not discussed on here much. Maybe I should try this:
Diane is best girl!
Prove me wrong [/spoiler]protipyoucan't[/spoiler]
Anime wasn't too good. Manga is better.

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Every thread until I win nationals.
Why does she look like she's getting aroused? It's just ping pong.
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>not having sex through bing bong

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>ywn get a handy from your hero guidance counselor

feels bad...
Picked up.
has this ever happened?

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90s golden age of anime. FACT. Name a better decade i'll wait. Pro tip:you can't.

>cowboy bepop
>Sailor moon
>yu yu hakusho
>Rurouni Kenshin

I could go on but I wont. Point proven.
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70s, 2000s
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>worst decade
>golden age
Pick one
early 2000s were great but that's because the 90s bled into them. 70s doesn't have shit on 90s though.

How the fuck could you think 90s is the worst? Have you watched modern anime? Some of it is pretty as fuck but that's pretty much it.

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Where did the dirt go?

the humans lived in sealed underground caverns. so their volume of open space should have been fixed. Yet they dug into walls to make more space. So where did they loose dirt go?
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Spiral Energy, ain't gonna explain shit.
minerals get transformed, for example: coal is burnt, no more space taken!
It pierced the heavens.

Takeru, daisuki!
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Watch out, sheep will take you out.
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Manga Takeru is a top-tier protagonist.

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Best friends forever.png
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Best Bros of their respective series
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these 2 right here
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Just finished all the episodes so now i'm gonna watch the movies. In what order do I watch the evangelion movies?

>you are not alone 1.0
>you can not advance 2.0
>you can not redo 3.0
obviously those 3 in that order but what about
>death and rebirth
>the end of evangelion

what is the correct order?
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You should watch End of Evangelion right after the original series (aka right now). Don't bother with death of rebirth.

After EoE, then you can watch the rebuilds.
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all you need to watch is EoE
watch EoE and then you can watch the rebuild series even tho the 4th won't be out at least for another year or two

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