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Tsuredure Children

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Woop woooop
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Due to the time needed for rapping chapters, here's something else to talk about while I do this.

>Takase Haruhiko: Kumagai Kentarou
>Kanda Saki: Miyake Haruka
>Minagawa Yuki: Hanazawa Kana
>Furuya Jun: Amasaki Kouhei
>Furuya Hotaru: Tomatsu Haruka
>Katori Shinichi: Namikawa Daisuke

Now excuse me while I try to make stuff rhyme naturally.
What does Tsuredure mean?
They're already including 6+ couples in a 15-minute series?

Hope it's two cour.
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[Title is 'Cypher']
Onizuka Kimihito
Year 2 Class 1
Born in Tokyo, raised with Hip hp. but he's introverted and shy, so everyone else seems bad to him.

Yo!! Yo!! I'm a broken down samurai rapper

While surfing on the net, I found a nearby cypher.
It's a place where people go to polish their skills further.
'It's okay to jump in', just like the Tama river.
Then I gotta go, because I'm a survivor.

But I can't get so hyped up. I just don't have the courage.
Now I just can't start, and there's no advantage!! [TN: Changed the line a bit for rhyming sake]
Besides, all those guys look like they'd cause some carnage.
So today, I'm just gonna watch for knowledge!!

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Who the heck's this guy? He doesn't look so nice.
His voice is strangely strange. I don't trust him, to be concise.

"A rapper, right?"

"Huh? Huh?"
"...what the??"
"Hey hey!!"
"I'm right, right?"

"Now come at me with your raps"

"You wanna get in right?"
"Into that ring"
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Could this guy actually be their friend?
Could I get in? And be among them!? [TN: Half rhyme counts]

"Yo!! Yo!! I'm a broken down samurai rapper"
"MC Onimusha!!"

"I came to this burning cypher, so I could have some fun!
"I got the right to kill, so I won't hold back when all is said and done"

"Is that"
"All you got?"

"I said that's wrong!!:
"That's not it!!"

What do you mean by that!? Aren't you a newbie??
You don't know a thing, so how would you know me!!

"What did I do wrong...?"

"Pretty nervous, right?"

Edit on pan 5 bub 4
>That's wrong, right?
>no yankee x president chapter.....again


>rap couple chapter

Double fuck
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"What do you mean!?"
"You know, right?"
"I'm talking about getting into that cypher"

"Your rap just now"
"It didn't feel like you were putting yourself out there"
"Rather, it felt like you were protecting yourself"
"Because you got worried about how others would react"

I really am nervous. I got social problems.
I'm afraid of their reactions, so making lyrics is troublesome.
"What should I..."

"Bring out"
"Your sword"

"You gotta make some burning hot disses"
"Or there's no point in rapping, right?"
"Uh... but..."
"Is it okay for a first timer to do that...?"

"What're you come here for?"
"To make some rapping friends..."

"No way, right?"
"You came to crush everyone here, right?"

>rap couple
you wish
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"Now try bringing out that blade of yours"
"Show me your true self"

"Yo!! Yo!! Yo!!"
"I'm a broken down samurai rapper"
"MC Onimusha!!"

"A shrewd ass flow is more or less a blade"
"I'm a rhymer who kills the dull everyday"
"Your skills there are like a damn charade"
"Now feast your eyes on the one true blade!!"

"Yeah yeah yeah"
"Just like a damn charade?"
"Well now I'm gonna kill you with just my nails and fangs as aid!!"

"My name is Katori!!"
"I got nothing but my lyrics and my rhymes!! But they'll give you acid all the time!!"
"I'm the Japanese Jet Li!!"
"And I'll mow down your pretensions on three!!"

"Your sword!!"
"If you shiver anymore, you'll find not but dents galore!!"

"But the emotions that I felt were really super hot!!"
"While the iron is seething, beat it with all you got!!"
"If you wanna get beat down, don't put in forethought!!"
"This here's a cypher, and we are bros begot!!"
thank you for the sick lines,TL
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"So your name's Katori-san, right?"
"Stop with the politeness, my little forehead friend"
"We're already buddies, isn't that the end!?"

"Now come"

I'm usually a super shy guy.
I can't go by myself, and I wait for people's ayes.
But if I got my rap by my side,
I can make any bad guy my ally

"You got the courage now!?"
"Thanks a lot!!"

"So now could you introduce me"
"To those guys over there..."

"I'm just a random passer by, so"
"Good luck there, bud"

Meeeeeen?? [TN: I dunno what it means thanks to this guy doing rap all the time, but it's actually kinda funny to keep it as 'men']
any break next week for tsure?
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What a bro.

I hate rap chapters because I have to spend time seeing if the lines rhyme well. Next week I should have the volume, and there's two extra chapters again, so prepare for that.

Also, if anybody sees anything wrong with the TLs, be free to point them out
Any hopes of some yankee
Friendship is truly one of humanity's greatest treasures
Onizuka's intro on p1 is a reference by the way:
Oh, this just got posted:
> Love Master
Hell yeah
The other designs I can live w/, but Takano's really making me wince.
Apparently the show Ponkikki starts with the cast shouting "Genki! Yuuki! Ponkikki!", so the reference isn't just straight out of the blue.
That's a pretty big step up for Waka's lyricism, to be honest.
Oh, here are release dates for future volumes
>Vol 9: Oct 17
>Vol 10: Nov 17 (All extra comics)
>Vol 11: Mar 18 2018
Oh I see. Then I trust TS anon to change it if he sees it necessary
Meant for >>158477750
Who the hell do you think I am?
Oh and send volume six when you have a chance please! I've been busy anyway, so it's not like it's been holding me up or anything, but I'm getting close to finishing the omake stuff for volume six, so having the full-size raws you have would be a big help.
Thanks babe, you're super hot
I can only guess that the "men" thing is a kendo reference, like he's admitting defeat?
Since he's Onimusha and all, and also because Katori told him to "take out his sword".

Even if that's what Waka meant, it's pretty tenuous imo.
i dont get this anime art style
is this a budget issue?
Do what you see fit
>That smug
Oh how I've missed you, Love Master
Thanks, you're the best.
Oh, we'll all miss him ;_;
You are a filthy lair! HE'S FINE
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Thread images: 11

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