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Simon the digger.jpg
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Tell me a character with a better development than this.
Let me give you a hint: You can't.
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Honestly I'm pretty amazed of how he became from a simple digger in an underground city to the savior of the entire universe.
not only overrated character developmnt, but also overrated anime.

Is this Youko Kanno's best work?

Also, soundtrack thread I guess.
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or this?
her best work is Bebop, even if it's the "pleb" answer.

This and Wolf's Rain.

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Does anime need more Indian characters?
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no, I don't want poop in my anime
They are not designated.

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Let's play a drinking game
Choose one episode and rewatch it
Take a shot every time Papika says Cocona
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Thats a good way to commit suicide

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Second Blame movie and 3rd season of Sidonia no Kishi announced.
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Your thread was pruned for a reason.
nah, this is first time I created thread for this.
I bet it will stay 12fps

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Wait... What?
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What about it?
Apparently, an anime got announced for 2020.
I knew about the announcement, but really? 2020? Seems weird to announce it with so many years away but at least they said right away intead of announcing it without a date and then not say anything for years like many other shows do

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>46 years old

Damn Bulma aged well.
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Why is she ashamed of people knowing she eats instant noodles?
She's a part of the richest family in the world.She's eating way below her bracket.
No, it's just that Toriyama has aged poorly and his artstyle is simplified shit so everyone looks babyfaced now.

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ITT: Bad anime fights that people liked for some reason
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That fight was great and the music was top tier.

Its impact of it was just completely vestigial to the story as a whole.
OP here, webm not related
Tobi/Obito vs Kakashi

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Guys, I know I'm late for the party but can I still join? She's so perfect.
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It's never too late to join the church of Rem!
dirty oni whore
Riot if palmer turns out to be a phony faggot.

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>animators tirelessly spend ages drawing new frames
>make pennies
>seiyuus record a few lines
>make tons

Anyone else see a problem with this?
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Nope, because basic ecnonomics does not and never has worked on the principle of "everyone makes the same amount for the same amount of work." Also, because it doesn't change a fucking thing to me how much the seiyuu or animators make.
animators no longer draw every frame

This. Nobody is forcing them to work in animation. I'm pretty sure that if it was as shit as everyone says then not many people would be trying to join the industry, but hey who knows, I don't think I know enough to make their decisions for them. Only a twat would think they know better than the people actually working their ass off.

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Is there anything you lost to Anime?
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A lot of time
A lot of tears
My dignity as a human being

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>Tfw you realize that Guts has to get back on the boat when he leaves the island.
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all me
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>TFW you realize the anime ends next week and the manga will go on hiatus just like it did during the last two seasons' production
T-they can cure casca in the next 20 pages, can't they?
>Read the entire Getter Robo manga months ago, it ended in a cliffhanger
>Found that the author died before finishing it

>Finished reading The Brothers Karamazov today,
>It ended in a cliffhanger
>Found the author intended to write a trilogy, died before starting writing the second book

Will Berserk pull the same shit?

File: 1477889281762.jpg (2MB, 3884x2186px)Image search: [Google]
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Best time loop story?
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A Distant Neighbourhood

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Is Rou the best harem protagonist?
He's a badass who actually fucks his harem
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This has to be the masturbatory wish fulfillment manga i've ever read.
Re:Monster is without a doubt a literary masterpiece. Decades from now arguments will still be had over the merits it brought to the web novel and manga industry. It quite literally paved the way for countless imitations, all of which could never match up with the masterpiece that is Re:Monster.
worst isekai fuck off

UN-GO thread for no reason
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Really enjoyed the show, The were like in the group of 10 anons that actually enjoyed the show.

Good OP and ED too.

They should've just had a few mysteries as arcs over the show instead of 10 minutes setting up a murder only for the MC to divine everything in five seconds and the rest of the episode btfoing the culprit

Could've been worse though
File: un_go_07_1.png (549KB, 576x324px)Image search: [Google]
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I liked it, it gave me some more serious ace attorney vives but it felt rushed, specially at the end

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