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This is the best art style, I pray every day that it makes a comeback
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>The cusp of the 80's/90's.

Hell yeah.
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What went wrong?
The jewish community in japan would never let anime become good again like that.

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I'll protect the king! Nyan~!
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aww she dead as hell

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Why did /a/ decide Sagiri should be loli of the season?
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She's not a loli but rather a JC and the show is pretty shit outside of a few highlights and scarce fanservice.
The episodes without her are better. The show is still dumb as hell. Why do I watch this shit? LotS should be AnchoR.
The taste of a collections of anons is always at least as shit as that of the least patrician anon in said collection.

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nomura fudou.jpg
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What the fuck does he mean by "accent" on the "No"
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Amou a shit.
It meand that he is a baka gaijin. Japanese has no accents.
Stress. Where the stress falls in a word.

Nomura is usually pronounced with the stress falling on the second syllable, mu. no-MU-ra. He likes to be called NO-mu-ra.

English has stress too.

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There will another BLAME! film and 3rd season for Knights of Sidonia
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Thanks God for CGI.
Oh, that's petty cool. I wonder about two things now.
a) If they are going to make an anime-original ending for Sidonia.
b) What part of the manga the new film is going to be based on. If it's not going to be an original plot.
you mean thank god for netflex money.

Sadly this means no simulcasts.

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Is the word moe out of fashion?
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This is now a K-ON thread. Why did they drop the ball so hard on the movie?
I thought it was okay, only a tad rose-tinted-glassey. Really enjoyed the way they portrayed the coming-of-age aspect and how the girls grew emotionally throughout the series.
Moe was a mistake.

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ZR and bikini is the ultimate combination. Its even better if she has gloves.

Prove me wrong,
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My dick says yes but my brain says "that doesn't make any sense. You don't swim with socks on you dumb bitch."
But anon, we all know that extremely covering and flowing yet somewhat form-fitting outfits who expose litte while showing off their figure is best
That's her school uniform.

>hear Crunchyroll lets you watch anime for free
>sign up
>turns out, episodes include commercials
>also, you gotta pay to watch the full episodes

Crunchyroll was a mistake.
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Yeah, and now they'll start enforcing copyright in Anglo internetz. And then they'll expand to Europe. Thank you America for ruining my hobby...
You have an internet connection. You can already watch any anime for free, retard.
>One friend buys a Crunchyroll subscription
>Gives out the username and password to all his friends
>30+ people get hours of content free while one person nobly sacrifices himself

Friends are pretty cool sometimes.

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Dio Thread, post what you got
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Best boy reporting

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Four will be freed. One will die an agonizing death. Vote for who you want to be free, you can only vote once and for one girl.
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Mugi: Claimed

Yui should die, because I´m for euthanasing the mentally weak
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Screenshot (2).png
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Mugi was freed.
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Screenshot (3).png
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Three to go.

How flat is too flat?
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There is no 'too flat'.

Why flats are so kinky ?
As long as everything there is useful mammary tissue and not useless fat, any size is alright.

Why's this show so underrated, /a/? I rarely see people mentioning it.
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What are you expecting? It aired like 10 years ago and only for a single season. It was nice and fun but nothing extraordinary.
It aired ages ago. It was only okay though, I don't remember it being anything really outstanding.
Panda neko song was the best part.


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Only bros with real taste are allowed here.
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Then please leave.
All I'm saying is that this industry is over saturated and cancerous. Why can't everyone else have great taste like me?
You don't have great taste. Great taste don't exist. We all have taste. You can disagree with them, but that doesn't make you better than anyone.

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Whoever did the character designs for this show should be fucking shot
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Her design gets better at the end.
They should be given a medal.
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This is beary serious.png
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I wonder who could be behind this post.

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Sex? With Raikou?
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Fuck off back to /fgog/ retard

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