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Can we discuss this show please? I just watched it and the ending broke my heart.

There's a lot of themes and amazing music and stuff. Did you find anything notable about it, or did it affect you in some way?
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Loved it, I have the entire series on blu ray
Spork spagel is my favorite character in all the animes.
Is there any cool special features on the blu ray? I have the dvd boxset and it just has commentaries and an Ein little special.

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Hey /a/fags, I'm back

Is my animation still lame?
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Let's make anime together, f/a/ggot
Kill yourself
Artist name please?

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Just got the itch to reread Negima after all these years and I got physical copies of the official translation super cheap. Anyone know how the translation holds up before I dive in? I read a few chapters and I can definitely tell its different but Im not sure if Im dealing with just a more accurate translation or a localization. Also Asuna is best girl
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The earlier Del-ray volumes were readable but had some cases where they flat out seemed to make shit up. I think the Kodansha retranslated versions might be okay.
I see, I'll have to look over what I have then. I dont necessarily mind reading it digitally again but having physical copies for once sounded nice.

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Do you guys ever just go watch shows you've already watched instead of trying to catch up on your backlog? I find this to be one of my major setbacks on trying to work on the backlog.

Pic related. I'm rewatching D-Frag instead of watching current season.
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I watch several different shows and never finish any.
I'm the middle of the following
Urara Meirochou
[email protected]
Not to mention several tokusatsu series that I'm 20 episodes in each.
Anal sex with Roka.
I basically stopped watching everything this season at episode 5-6 and rewatched Haruhi and K-ON. It never happened to me before, feels weird.

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shit taste
>big tits
>crazy eyes
Take your pick, OP. Good taste.
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Are you guys looking forward to it ?
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Yes because the game was too boring to play through
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Would if it could stop getting postponed...
Will be nice to see some familiar faces
It never got postponed.

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This is Ma-chan, a Japanese third-grader. Say something nice
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You're cute
If I had a bottle of water and she was on fire, I'd drink the water
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This is Mao the hamster. She's temperamental and bites, so pet her at your own peril.

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There are some other great ones but this one stands out for some reason.
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Maybe not the best artwise but they do a good job reminding me of how far the characters grow/progress by the end.

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It's noticeable, especially in shonen, that characters are often organized in associations of sorts, even if just as protagonists, antagonists or a sort of elite.

What are your favorite groups of characters?
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You posted them
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also the Homunculi from FMA

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Do you like Bullies or Anti-Bullies?
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Anti-Bullies bullying bullies bullying anti-bullies
File: anti bully ranger.webm (3MB, 853x480px)Image search: [Google]
anti bully ranger.webm
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Counter-bullying easily bullyable bullies

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Dumping new robot manga
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>mfw some anons on this board fell for the [email protected] meme
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Not a day goes by where I don't experience great schadenfreude over cuckmaster getting utterly BTFO by Love Live
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Best sci-fi dystopia
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tfw no lolibotbutt
>Download an HS rip just to find it's one of these
disappointment every time
Strongest 9/10 i ever saw.

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Too lewd


You guys are too lewd!
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No, YOU'RE too lewd, Sophia.

You're so sexy, and yet you seem to have forgotten that fact. Let the power of the dick reawaken you!
I would a Sophia and Anna at the same time
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Is a good dicking what she needed the whole time?

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How did we go from this
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to this?
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to this
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