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Why is Australia never in anime?
I've seen literally every country from America to Europe, but never the land down under
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Free immediately came to mind.
Because Australia is a shithole. There is nothing good about that shithole. Nothing.

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>Bonus chapter
>Akane dumps Narumi right before their wedding
>She never loved him or viewed him as anything except a plaything
>Every display of emotion or affection she'd ever shown was all just an act
>Akane says they can remain close friends, but only because she knows that will keep the pain fresh
>Narumi vows to spend the rest of his life trying to make her fall in love with him
>But that will never happen, because Akane is a stone cold sociopath who gave up on ever feeling genuine love long, long ago

How would this make you feel?
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Daily Reminder that 2017 is the year of NTR.
Such a stupid idea
Akane is going to marry ME

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Why don't they just shoot him ?
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Mages are fucking amateurs who overrely on one tool they have instead of embracing wide variation of them.

Bad writing.
Seriously what's wrong with you guys?

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>shotacon shit
NO, and fuck off already obnoxious pieces of edgefags.
It's going to be shit compared to the manga.
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Samefag in his bait thread

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>2nd cour opening
>funky bassline plays
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Does it have a date yet?
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Childhood is Kalle
Adulthood is CC

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Neither will men
I'm a girl and undesrtood
Tits or gtfo

What was her problem?
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She has a nice butt.
Needs the dick
Christmas cake with a body of a child

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Comic Girls anime is announced! Any OG Comiga fans here?
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I wonder which studio will animate it. I don't trust any of the regular Kirara studios to do this justice.

Kinema Citrus - probably the best option. Their off-shoot Studio 3hz would be ideal, but I think they only do originals.
Shaft - it could work (Hidamari), but unlikely
Dogakobo, JC - will make a generic moe anime out of it
PA Works - even more generic, all their anime look the same
If it's Gokumi or Silver Link, fuck everything.

Maybe that one studio that did Wakaba Girl? I haven't heard anything about them lately, maybe they've been working on Comic Girls all this time?
It has very great legs and asses.
But they won't be animated anyways because the girls look young.
Is this yuri?

I just started watching Steins;Gate at last DUBBED.

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Okabe killed Kurisu.
Mayuri is voiced by Ashley Burch, can you carry on knowing this?

Enjoy it and don't come back until you've finished.
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I did think she sounded kind of annoying, but it was tolerable. Hamtaro the MC is voiced pretty awesomely so it's good.

>google ashely burch
>Ashly Burch
'Heartbroken' She
Won't Play Chloe In
Life Is Strange Prequel

mfw she voiced chloe she was really good in that though

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What are people expecting from the upcoming Cross Account? What is its plot synopsis?
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More tomboy suffering
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>cool MC
>main girl is a dumb autitic
>second main girl is best girl
In short, Sakura Reset 2.0
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it looks like Tsuki ga Kirei and Sagrada Reset combined.

>More tomboy suffering
yes. Chinatsu in Tsuki ga Kirei and Souma in Sagrada Reset kek

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why did Asuka have bandages
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Bandages are moe as fuck.
No real explanation. She could move her arm, so its mostly healed. I guess you can leave the LCL in the form you are more confortable with yourself (so asuka wouldnt be, you know, minced meat).
But she still remembered about being damaged in those places and idealized some bandages on herself.
Also, their very clothes is likely derived of LCL too, otherwise they would be naked, as the fist time shinji regained his form a few episodes back.
what was the point of the show?

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We discuss movie villains and characters in
> comparisons
> what-if's
> anything in between
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Some movie characters aren't half bad but some are total garbage, by far the best movie character is Tapion
My favorite is Lord Slug. I dunno, I just dig the whole atmosphere in that movie, and I like the villain, Dragon Ball needs more evil namek guys.

As for characters, I thought their movie sucked, but I like Zangya and Boujack. Their story in Super Butoden 2 is actually more interesting than the one in the movie.
Dragonball mohawks look great. It's probably why I like Uub so much.

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Post fucking bitches
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Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra
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It's time for Friday Night Osu, the casual get-together of rhythm game loving anons that's been around for years!

All /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. We usually play 3-6* star songs depending on who shows up. You can download the game for free at https://osu.ppy.sh/
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Match Info: https://osu.ppy.sh/mp/33908732
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Anime you wish was fansubbed.

I like Asari chan i actually bought a Boxset.

Also i wish minky momo was subbed, we got a dub and even a dvd boxset based on the old japanese dvds (but they were shit transfers).
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Damn, I always wanted to watch Asari chan, but the lack of subs and manga translations really make it lost. Hell, I dont even think the Japanese themselves remember this series despite being 100+ volumes long.
Does it make me a crazy madman the fact that i enjoy the series quite a bit and i understand the situations most of the time even without subs? i watched on Youtube last year when it was up before Content ID got worse.





The quality of the DVDs is surprisingly better than i expected despite being 9 episodes per disc, so i guess the poor quality transfers on this type of discs happen only with interlaced analogue source transfers.
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Really liked it back in days and now I can't even find the raws of all the episodes.

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