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Which decade was the best?
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I prefer the 2k decade
Clearly 2010.
Anyone disagreeing has no sense for aesthetics.
The last one isn't even the future
Characters look like that already in many current and past shows. Shitsekai Yaoi for example.

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If loli is about body type and not age, does that make Taiga a loli?
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>those fucking hips
No, she's just a short girl with small breasts.
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lots of lolis have hips, in fact hip lolis are the best lolis

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>look for anime
>only source is a 4.7 gb file
>have to wait 20 fucking minutes to download this garbage

Why are anime faggots so autistic? 5GB 1080p anime doesn't look any better than 500mb 720p even on a 4k TV.
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Because being elitist is the only high ground they have
I've got two different anime series here and they're both 1080p and ~600 MB each episode
that's all I've got on this computer because it's new
>only source is a 4.7 gb file
What are you even saying? BDMV/DVDISO?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I not only hate it but also hate every anon posting in this thread
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I don't like it.

But I love you anon.
I am the fin of my fish.

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Hey, kid. Join my familia.
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Nope, I'll be serving my master.
The thumbnail is misleading
Okay f.a.m.

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Reminder that the best animated and produced television are all recent. Name one TV show from before 2000 than can compete with these production wise:
>Dennou Coil
>Space Dandy
>Gurren Lagann
>Mob Psycho 100
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Why is Gurren Lagann there?
I've never seen K-On S2 but given how KyoAnus lickers love to over exaggerate and how bad to mediocre S1 looked I doubt it was anything note worthy.
I know it's bait but there's the risk that someone will believe op.

What's her fucking problem?
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Acting like 3dpd
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I don't know, but my dick likes it.

What a little whore.
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Betraying and selling everything and everyone to further her own interests and goals regardless of the damage that causes to other's lives.

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Don't mind us! Just saving the industry!
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They first need to save themselves and Flip Flop didn't achieve that.
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Their summer trainwreck should be fun with plenty of shitposting. It'll probably outdo Flip Flappers too, although that isn't necessarily hard to do.

Once popular girls which aren't popular anymore.
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I like black hanekawa
No, no one does.
Fight me

This girl got stuck in a cube of jello
What do?
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oh fuck it's a gelatinous cube she's already dead run
I wonder what it would feel like.
eat it

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Go to your appropriate boards, dumb faggot.
Stop being rude, newfag
lurk for 2 years before posting, you're on the wrong board.

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This is the AOTS.
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1. It was last season.
2. It's also one of the weaker Doga Kobo slice of life anime. Watch GJ-bu or something.
This isn't even this season. Post an actual screencap and not your shit off Google. Lurk for 2 years before posting, retard.
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>Asuka Langley Soryu meldet sich zum dienst, mein Führer! Ein volk, ein reich, ein Führer! Wir sind die zukunft!

is this what asuka would say?
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>Asuka was born to an American father and a German/Japanese mother
3/4 white, that's if you count American as 100% white. But since Americans are 60% white, then it means she is 55% white. That means she is just a bastard. also Misato best girl
How would WW2 with Evas be?
Germany has 02, Japan 00 and 01, the jews have the Eva series, america has 2 faulty evas
The americans have a shit ton of N2s

Is this mother fucker the strongest non-asspullery ninja there is?
No godlike other dimensional/demon powers yet he was able to take on the Sanin whom all have 35+ stats.
Sure he got btfo'd by the Six Paths, but they're asspulls so they don't count.
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the sannin weren't the sannin when he fought them you dope
So all of them got retardedly more strong after fighting him?
I mean I can believe Orochimaru would've due to all of the forbidden techniques, but wasn't Jiraiya already a sage by then?
>So all of them got retardedly more strong after fighting him?


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>yfw Freeza decimates Kale and Caulifla out of pent-up monkey-hating rage
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Use the catalog retard >>158571358
They were made at the same time retard.
caulifa is not skinny

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