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>Villain gets best girl
Why is this allowed?
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Everyone deserves a second chance.
But villian was Shouko, she destroyed everyones life.
>not yandere for the BSC (BIG. SHOUYA. COCK.)
It´s like you don´t even know wiminz. Oh wait...

Shimakaze on the front page!
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I want to fuck his ass.
>slut ship
That's redundant, ships are always filled with seamen.

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Why is Kumiko so relatable?
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because she spends all her time flooding image boards with identical threads just like you
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I want to touch her fluffy hair.
Does that happen in the novels?

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Did they kiss
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Wow, yu gi oh really changed
Card games on motorcycles.
I thought the girl is Kallen.

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When did you realize this manga was made for egalitarian tastes?
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Wow that elf really has gotten fat with all that cooking since the beginning.
Marcille is evil and a whore and cute!
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Marsilla FATs.png
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She craves fat.

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This is a pair of japanese schoolgirls
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Post girls that did nothing wrong.
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They are so handsome!

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Regardless of the quality (or big reveal) of the live action Ghost in the Shell movie, can we agree Major Kusanagi has a Caucasian cyborg body? She does not look Asian at all. Neither does Bato, or Togusa or most everyone else in Section 7.

While I would be upset if a non-Japanese was cast as Jin from Samurai Champlop, for example, because it would be no sense and the character is clearly Japanese, this is not a concern with GiTS. Thoughts?
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just don't make shitty americanized versions of good anime. it's fucking annoying, now every time you search cowboy bebop, you'll see the shitty live action.
>can we agree Major Kusanagi has a Caucasian cyborg body
No she has an anime cyborg body
My point is that anime characters are white by default unless you give them Japanese traits, which they rarely have...

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I want to kiss this Duck!
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So does the coffee machine
I thought she was a frog
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I bet she has a really long tongue that can reach the back of your throat.

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>Token Gaijin having blonde hair and blue eyes
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Has there ever been a foreigner in anime that didn't fit this stereotype?
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Sure. Just find one featuring niggers.
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>Hating on nukes

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I love this anime but why was the ending so rushed? What a total bullshit cop out.
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If by ending you mean the entire latter half of the series then yeah it was a mess.
Manga author got sick of it and wanted to wrap it up ASAP. Not really much the anime staff could do other than adapt what they had to work with.
id dissagree. i binged watched the entire series and i thought the progression of the anime was pretty good. especialy since the ending answerd all of the loose ends. unlike most anime.

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JCs are the sexiest
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This is the worst forced meme recently
W-What is a JC?
>elementary schooler
kys newfaget

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What shows would you consider ESSENCIAL loli-core?

Pic related for me.
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Ichigo Mashimaro
Kodomo no Jikan
Astarotte no Omocha
Ro kyu bu
Prisma Illya
All Precures when you trascend loli and discover you didn't want the little girl but were in fact the little girl all along.
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but I'm angry enough at >>158754700 for omitting the single best lolicon anime ever made. fuck you dude.

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Does /a/ like Hakaijuu?
I heard it was cool somewhere, but then heard it got predictable somewhere else. Figured I'd check here and get more opinions before I commit time and money into it
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You think /a/ gives an infinitesimal fraction of a fuck about anything other ecchishit/moeshit and memeshit? You will not get any opinions here, leave, save your time.
There is a very advanced Spanish translation.

It's a shame English translation is so slow, Hakaijuu is the best monster/horror manga right now, the art is gorgeous and there is always tension in every chapter.
So why exactly are you here?

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anime is plural

I watched the first 3 episodes and then dropped it

I like the animation style, but every single character is unlikable. every single one of them.
Do you like status quo and nothing happens? Go ahead.

Has /a/ ever experienced the Clannad Void?
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What do you mean by void?
Its when you are so stupified by an anime that you can't watch more anime for some time
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make sure youve seen the OVAs where Tomoya takes two different routes

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