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Lets play a batsu game. If your waifu is posted, you watch Endless eight and go to sleep afterwards.
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If you're safe, you must post a random anime character on this thread which wasn't previously posted.
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>that batsu
Too tame desu.
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Where are you when Furuya is f*cked?
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Finally a match...
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So Tezuka for a design
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My nigga Kanemaru, it is okay.

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It´s been 20 years since the first V-pet were released. It sold so well that various anime series and videogames were based on it.

What went good? What went wrong? Why is it still alive?
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>went good
Some series were good being Adventure

>went wrong
Doing something different from the Adventure Formula with a very bad cast of writers who can't make it work.
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>What went good?
Anime that generally consistently balanced the cool monster fights to keep people entertained, good use of music that sticks in the mind, and emphasis on characters and the monsters that endeared you to the characters and story rather than just mindlessly getting to the action. Though a lot of things ended up being different, there was usually something for everyone, and most of it was cool.

>What went wrong?
Inconsistent representation of the franchise across the games and anime. Yeah, the monsters were all there,but the games didn't have a consistent genre that you could trust, the shows kept changing characters and themes, and while a fan could maybe keep up and deal, it doesn't make it too casual friendly. Then there's the quality fluctuation.

>Why is it still alive?
It's a strong property with distinct designs and its hands in anime, manga, video games, all sorts of toys and the virtual pets. Being the "rival" to Pokemon also helps keep it somewhat relevant, since people at least remember it enough to compare, rather than Medabots which is either dead or always on its last breath.
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All that aside, Digimon Universe is pretty fun, no?

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"Anime Limited has announced that the VICELAND channel has acquired 'a late-night anime content block.' It will be screening from July 17 at midnight in a regular daily slot.

It will be showing the following titles: Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, and Eureka Seven. Samurai Champloo"

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Why should I care?
who carea?

not japan fuck off summerfag
Television is dead. Is all about e-celebs.

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Wanted to read/watch it. Should I watch anime adaptation or read manga?
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watch the anime while reading the manga and taking note of the disparities between the two mediums, then make a thread of your findings letting people know if they should watch or read it
Doctor is a killer.

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Post a character design better than this
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It's just a white himecut with braids, come on.
Ugly and disgusting.

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- Gilda is very suspicious towards the girl who appeared at such a convenient moment.
- The girl laughed and shows her face.
- Ray try desperately to escape the demons, but they have some communication devices and are able to calculate his moves.
- but he ventually is rescued by a strange person riding a horse.
- This person is wearing a hoody cloak like the girl.
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Is this manga actually any good? I meant to pick it up since chapter 1 but somehow never got around doing it.
I don't like these people, probably other party that want to eat or sell them.
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>Ray is saved again
Well, at least this time it doesn't look as forced as previous one.

Now that we all had the time to calm down and think this carefully.

How do you eat a chocolate coronet?
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miyuki's way was the true path to freedom
Up the butt.

Wasn't this song a little to depressive for a SoL anime?

Who the fuck wants a song about contemplating suicide in a fucking cute girls doing cute things slice of life show?

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It's time for round two of /a/ sings Eromanga-sensei.
This time we're singing the ED (adrenaline!!!).
In case you missed it, here's /a/ sings Hitorigoto:

Deadline is the 1st of July, so take care to submit before then, else I can't guarantee you getting in.

-Record the song (full version) with only your voice audible
-Send your submission and questions to [email protected]

Link to ED:
Everything you need in a neat little .rar containing the song, instructions and printable lyrics:
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That was one of the best /a/ sing I've seen so far, good job OP.
Anyway, we're doing both the OP and the ED huh? Sasuga Eromanga-sensei.
>missed the OP
Time to put some effort in and get a solo part in this one to compensate.
Can't fucking wait for this masterpiece to happen.

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suzuya enko.jpg
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When will we enter the glorious age of Enjo-Kousai anime/manga
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I think that's pretty expensive for a fuck, don't get what the guy is talking about
>CV: Nao Touyama
Picked up.
For a schoolgirl that is pretty cheap. I'd pay that much.

Expelled from paradise

>what I expected

retarded space monkey mecha fanservice garbage

>what I got

the desonstruction of humanity, SOM/a/, and johnny guitar
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>pls reply
and dat ASS
It was okay. Nothing amazing but still pretty good.

In this thread we post perpetual Also-Rans, people who forever existed in the shadow of others greater than them
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>expected happy hippo adventures
>ended up depressed

Kaiba thread
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Pretty sweet show despite the crappy style.
>crappy style

you have garbage taste
no he doesn't. taste means cultivating an opinion based on criteria.

this nigger repeats what he hears to fit in. he is a subhuman robot. a scriptreading faggot.

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Does /a/ like their JCs pure or thirsty?
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I love thirsty bunnies
thirsty bunny
Can a girl be both pure and thirsty at the same time?

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Can anyone blame Tsuneki for being a slut when she was born with this body? It's not like you be pure if you were an 11/10 girl.
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I blame the cuck for not getting her signals. She pretty much gave up on him once she realized how dense and meddlesome he was
I don't blame her. But you won't see me defending her either.
How is she a slut if she never fucked?

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