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Anime/Manga that should have ended way earlier than they did
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>no Yankee-kun anime

What the fuck Japan, don't you want your young ones to learn the value of studying??
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>Yankee-kun anime
The only reason that could possibly be good is because they wouldn't be able to get in far enough to adapt the ending.

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What do you do after you finish a series, keep it or delete it after watching to save space? How much space have you guys used?

no streamfags
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I delete at least 95% of the shows I download when I'm done watching them because they simply aren't that amazing and I know I'll never watch them again.
Depends on series, i delete tv version and stuff i dont like.
Only have about 4tb between OST, artbooks,games and anime at the moment.
Slowly buying HDDs and keeping stuff.
This. Only keep the 10/10 shit.

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So what really went wrong with fate /a/? Was it fate/zero?
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inb4 endless screeching about Grand Order that won't get deleted
I like the F/Z characters because they are adults. I could give you more reasons but that's really the most important one.
>Thinking people are suddenly going to stop calling mobile garbage for what it is
There's no denying FGO was the end of this franchise and Type-moon as a whole.

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What the fuck was his problem?
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He wanted to fuck a guy.
Nothing, he was right about everything

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Latest translation

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Why does that little boy look like a psycho.

Why are Kubo's shotas so lewd.

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This board seems wide open for a Hidamari Sketch thread. Discuss SHAFT's best anime here.
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Nazuna is my mistress.

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Desuno is back! Rejoice!
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The only good harem manga
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>Caught up this
>Still can't decide who best girl is
>Now I have to wait 1-2 months for a damn update judging by the upload dates
Being Kazama is suffering

What are you watching right now?
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>pic related
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I just finished the latest episode of Shuumatsu and now I don't know what to do.
Just finished Dantalian no Shoka again. I'm thinking about marathoning Gosick to keep the same vibe going.

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Do we still like Satania?
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almost as much as raph
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We like to see Raphiel humiliate Satania
Never liked her in the first place.

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Mob, what you want?

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What did /a/ think of Mahou Sensou (Magical Warfare)?
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I completely forgot that I had even seen it until I did a quick google search. I think the ending was shitty though, or unfinished, or something else that made it bad.
it's fucking shit

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It's out
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Why did Sebastian look so surprised when he saw the other Ciel?
you are barking to the wrong tree


Why do you still watch illegal fansubs in 2017, anon?
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Because I'm not a fan.
I don't know how to say this anon, but it looks like it is more of a problem with illegal streaming sites. this is a good time for all streamfags to leave

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If you're really going to watch the shittiest anime of the season, at the very least don't pick definitive worst girl, the little sister is shit, and not even blood-related.
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I am waiting for this shit to finish so I could binge it all at once without thinking too hard.
>he doesn't think Sagiri is best girl
You're better off just forgetting it ever existed.

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>hurr durr lets apply cold logic to a world on which you can power giant robots with emotions

Rossiu was the dumbest motherfucker.
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He was the Straight Man. Those tend to get shat on in most anime.
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Kotomine failed as a teacher.

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