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What would you do with your powers, if you were the strongest vampire in history at a young age of 500 years?
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humiliate schoolboys
send devilish nude selfies out on kakagram
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Touch myself

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Non of your shitty high pitched anime soundtrack will ever come close to this masterpiece.
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Not anime but Touhou music is the best thing to come out of Japan

>a billion beep boop songs so redundant they're almost indistinguishable


Pretty good, but not personally my favorite song to come out of Fate. Off the top of my head, this might be it:

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Are any of the non-Universal Century Gundam series worth watching? I've only seen Wing and G Gundam which are stupid enough to be fun but series like Seed and 00 don't have a very positive reputation.
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X is all you need.
My African comrade.
Some people say ∀ isn't UC, even though it is, if you haven't seen it you should probably watch it.

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Reminder: we did a terrible /a/ sings of this.

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You may not like it, but this is what the real black swordsman looks like.
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Why is he wearing a fidget spinner?
This has been posted once a week for 3 weeks straight. Fuck this website.
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It's funnier every time anon, keep posting this.

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People hate what they don't understand
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I understand you just fine though, OP
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Maki's wearing black today.
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Makis fat ass belongs to >>>/g/
Maki is always wearing black, the whore
Black panties are the best panties

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ITT: Smiles /a/ couldn't protect
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Emi Isuzu is the most sexy girl in anime history, what do you think of her?
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sexy fat face^^!
She is better than Sakura or Hinata from Naruto!

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Why are pink haired girls always the biggest sluts?
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Because pink is the lewdest color.
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dont like 4.jpg
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You're a slut


So, can I expect anything from another game adaptation?
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>all those VAs
Jesus fuck my ears aren't ready.
>aren't ready
What a cuck
Hope so. With those VAs, I just hope they have a decent budget at least for the animation. As long as they don't change the story or trying too hard to make an original story, I think it's good. It already has a solid story after all.

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What do you want to see in the upcoming Hibike Euphonium films, /a/?
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More Yuuko

More band practice

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Have a nice day Anon.
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Okay, thanks.
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But anon it's already night here. Although I had a nice day so thank you anyway.
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>flip flappers is unironically better than doctor who
We honestly need more shows that just have a different setting every episode. It's fun to have the same cast get thrown in radically different stories every week. Hell, don't even keep the cast, where's my Hikidashi ni Terrarium anime?
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>doctor who
never heard of this anime.
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>doctor who
What is this?
Doctor who?

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best girl
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Murder yourself.
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>falling for the otaku bait
I've never seen the rebuilds. What is up with this girl?

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