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>/a/ would call this ugly
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it looked much better towards the end, can't knock on them for trying something different
>wide lipless mouths and flat nostril-slits
Compared to the manga it really is

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Time to drop manga.
Didn't read WCS.
U19 wasn't good.
Poro was good for 1 chapter.
HM started off not good but it's just okay right now.
Dr. Stone was good for about 5 chapters then shit started dripping out its ass. Now there's shit everywhere.
No one cares about Golf.
From what I saw I don't just expect them to be trash, I know they are.

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>Year of our senpai 2017
>Way more new titles coming out each season than a decade ago
>/a/ like 90% current season discussion or girls
>Fairly fast board, most non-generals sage in <24hrs

So I've seen this brought up before but usually the requests are for a generals board which I don't think would go as well. I think it's time for an /ar/ (Anime Retro) board for titles before a certain year- either 2000 and earlier or 2005 and earlier since that's about the point the anime "boom" happened and 2000-2005 titles probably would survive better on a separate board.

>But it would be too slow
We have several boards that aren't very fast yet still survive (/lit/, /out/, /cgl/). I'd personally rather have a slower moving board that I don't have to check every day. /a/ moves so fast that by the time I wake up, threads I'm watching are usually dead unless they're generals.

>But if those threads die, then no one cares enough to make it active
I'm pretty sure we'd pull in new people if there were a board that focused on older titles. Speaking from a personal standpoint again, I'm often discouraged from browsing /a/ these days just because I end up hiding all but 1-2 threads. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have more incentive to post on a board with more focus on older stuff.

Regardless of argument, all 4chan boards start out as "trial boards" and if they turn into a shitfest or are too inactive, they get deleted. There's no harm in trying.

Thoughts, /a/?
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>>Year of our senpai 2017
Fuck off.
>>Way more new titles coming out each season than a decade ago
There were literally more anime ten years ago than there are this season.

>meta thread
>splitting the board
>board that I don't have to check every day
Again, fuck off.
It would be slower than /jp/
You can make those threads in this board just fine, let us not forfeit /a/ to generals so easily ok
You're retarded. Go fucking off yourself.

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The Council has requested your presence.
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I will continue my campaign against the humans
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nugget running late.gif
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Wait for me
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What is the best way to simulate hugging an anime girl? I'm not sure dakimakuras work the best because they're kind of cold and limp.
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A self-inflicted gunshot wound
the closest to your heart nor head, the better
Sounds painful and that's the opposite sensation I'm aiming for.

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Volume 17 comes with Fuyuyu and Hikaru profiles. One volume to go.
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shit... should i redo the typesetted chapters?
Weren't the digital magazine raws good enough? Plus I have those in paper so the undercover is easy to scan, but I wouldn't be able to scan the rest.

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It's Monday somewhere, and even the /a/xis cult appreciates a romantic yet impractical obsession with pursuing only explosion magic!
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I just watched this show and loved it. Are there any other shows with this kind of humor?

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>10/10 girl
>voiced by Aoi Yuuki
>stuck in a shitty fujobait series

Why is this allowed?
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>voiced by Aoi Yuuki
>OnS anything than fujobait

she is trapped in a fucking endless circle
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She's perfection. I came for Krul-sama and stayed for Krul-sama. Although Shinoa is nice too.

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Season 2 never.
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It hurts.
I know. Watching this together with /a/ when it was airing was some of my most enjoyable moments on this site.

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ITT girls everyone on /a/ has fapped to at least once.
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Can confirm

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Would you watch a show about pregnant girls doing cute things?
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Mexico trip?
What fuck you
I'd watch a hentai like Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei except you get to see more than one girl be pregnant after. But if it's just SoL with fat bellies then who cares

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Why aren't there more anime girls with cute piercings?
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I'll never understand why some anime shows have ridiculously long names.
>Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls Inside a Dungeon?
>I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job
>Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?
>It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular!
It doesn't mean the show's automatically terrible (after all, Watamote's great), but it's a bit off a turn off when I have a hard time figuring out how to abbreviate the show.
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>Watamote's great
>but it's a bit off a turn off when I have a hard time figuring out how to abbreviate the show.
That's your problem with the long names?

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Monthly Urara thread.
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Every thread should begin with a healthy dose of Chiya.
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Chiya is pretty
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What is this face trying to convey?

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> When Freeza gets in-between you and your former best rival
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Hi new best buddy!
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Literally sitting in a cocoon in hell was more effective for Freeza than years of RoSaT training was for Vegeta
Is that a Romanian TV channel?

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