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ITT - Heroes we never deserved.
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I like how /a/ understands the true colors of a character depicted to be a villain to be an everyman earlier than everyone else.
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I'm sorry OP, I simply can't top that, Kaiki a best.
>after he cures snake
>walks past rrrgi
>"Yeah, I saved everyone. Fuck you."

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What role will she play in the upcoming movie?
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Please tell me they aren't making one.
Repressed lesbian, like in the Christmas episode and S2.
ragging lesbian borderline lolicon

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What are some anime titles set in real locations that aren't in Japan?

The only one I can think of which is The Big O, which is set in New York City (or what used to be, anyway).
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Giant Robo The Animation: The Day The Earth Stood Still (Takes place in places like Peking, Shanghai, Paris)
who the fuck still calls beijing peking

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If only Kircheis were here...
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It's a shame. He was my favorite too. On episode 42 and so much has happened already.
leave Rei out of this.
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Time again
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Cat finding machine

Cat ringtone


"My kitties react to this"
"It's cute"

"As soon as I said it"


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Comic 1
Small life

"What're you hiding there?"

"There's a kid in my belly!!"

Comic 2
"He was cowering in the back garden..."

"Like I said, you can't bring them into the school"

"But you can't leave such a cute kitten behind"
"Th-that's right"

"It looks like he's wearing naked kneesocks!!"
Kneesock design
"Use my assist more effectively"
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Pure eyes

"But what should I do about this one?"
"Can't you keep him?"

"Our cat gave birth to kittens"

"So now we have 15"
"That's a lot"

"I can't because I have Boa"

"My mom has cat allergies, so no"
"But my mom always thinks about erotic things, so she sneezes a lot"
"Enough with the erotic tidbits"

"How about you, Tsuda-kun?"

"Can you, please...?"

"If you look at me like that..."
"I'll ask my parents"
"Whose eyes were they?"

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It's not my pain...
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it's everyone's pain. rip gugu
I thought she was getting fucked by a dog from the thumbnail.
I knew it was fucking coming, waiting for the shoe to drop has been agonizing.

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You can tell this company loves anime very much. How come they haven't won any prizes yet? They're like the best studio out there.
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They may be old
They may "love" anime
But they are mediocre as fuck
I think most of the stuff they put effort into is just stuff that /a/ mostly would never care about.

They released a feature film on BD a few weeks ago called Pop in Q that has been mentioned here all of twice in its history and will probably never get subtitled. The recent Precure film looked great too but 95% of people will never give a fuck about that in the west or on /a/.

Just the hipster favourites like Kyousougiga and Mononoke are all that matter and otherwise garbage.
Kyousougiga took 4 tries and still ended up censored.

Mononoke is budget-tier of the worst kind. It would've unironically worked better as live-action.

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When this show was airing, it appeared as though a lot of people liked it.

I personally don't see the appeal, could someone point out what I'm missing?
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It was absolute garbage, it was good only good for the threads when it aired
Everyone wanted this to be a trainwreck, so bad it's good, etc. whatever you want to call that type of show.
But it ended up being the biggest snoozefest of the year, to the point where 99% of the entertainment came from the threads and not the show itself.
Average okada shit.

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You haven't forgotten have you, /a/? The greatest anime of all time?
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greatest rip-off of all times
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I still remember.
the greatest scam of all time maybe

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bad idea.jpg
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>dude just pile on the subplots hahah
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i remember the first chapters, it looked so cool with the people eating other people.
And the MC acting like a regular human being.
That went out the window the moment Kaneki woke up again and decided to stop being a fucking jobber.

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This is a Japanese scientist.
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my heart hurts desu
Wasn't she American?
Americans aren't that slender, anon

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Kumikos threads are reclining.
The love is dead.
i don't want to imagine this

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Why is 14 peak?
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Because girls turn into slags if they don't find a husband during that age.
It's the perfect balance of youth and maturity, both physically and mentally.

Girls are developing luscious curves, but still have perky cute breasts, soft skin, and attractive faces. They are still innocent virgins, but are starting to think about the dick and what it would feel like inside them, and have started being lewd because of it, much like Megumin here.

File: DBooB_uVwAA97Bh.jpg (145KB, 1160x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Technically, it's called ephebophilia.
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I really like her modest breasts
Technically, it's called normal.

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why would anno say he hates his characters being turned into "waifus" and then proceed to include scenes like these in the rebuilds?
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Fuck off, you piece of shit.

Asuka > Misato > Rei
So that it would make the fanbase's tears all the sweeter when he turned Asuka into a real raging cunt and Rei into a complete creepy doll in the next movie.
Also why Shinji goes TTGL in the end: to make it all the more of a painful cockslap when he gets completely shat come 3.0.
He's fuuuucking with us

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