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Honestly, I never liked Anthy. Even towards the end. I just wanted Utena to be OK.

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I love Tohru
Pictures of Tohru with her bare hands feel weird and criminal
I want Tooru to breastfeed me

Who will fuck Emi Isuzu in her true 200 kg lard form?
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Isuzu is large like 3 girls, she weighs more than Maya+ Aya+Chiaki!

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"What are you thinking now, Anon?"
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My dad's a childish jackass who needs to pull his head out of his butt.
what did he do?
I'm thinking about how much my pay will be for this freelance job and how to not get screwed.

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Is he the deepest MC shonen character yet?
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No. Not since a while. Between Thriller Bark and the timeskip he became an utter, one dimensional retard.

Compare Alabasta or Water7 Luffy to post-timeskip Luffy and there's a clear difference. Can't avoid Flanderization when running for 20 years.

I unironically think the deepest shonen MC is Killua
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Have you heard? CITY's getting scanlated! They're almost done with multiple chapters already, I hear.

Oh, yeah, and I was gonna translate this Baki chapter. Right. Let's get to that. First things first, though: no anime news, no hype.

>Chapter 162: Knuckles

TN: I'm using knuckles because there is no real single-word synonym for "fist" in the English language that I could use. Musashi's using a word for "fist" that nobody else is using in the manga, and it technically just means "hand bone[s]". I'll probably have something better figured out for the scanlation, but this is now and that is then.

Speaking of the scanlations, we released a chapter like an hour ago. Our continued apologies for the molasses-like slowness, as there is no other real way (of which I am aware) to compensate for the offense of it.
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>Twigs: Wow!
>T: He picked him up with one hand...
>T: That's that samurai I saw on the news!
>T: A fight!?
>T: Why's he wearing a fundoshi?
>T: Is that a sword? A real sword?
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>Hanayama: O-Samurai...
>H: Can you keep going?

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What will you watch this season, /a/? It's pretty shitty, if you ask me.
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OP you should've started with the reminder that the next season is always the worst season that anime has and will ever have.
That being said, miabyss
Action Heroine Cheer Fruits
Aho Girl
Battle Girl High School
Hajimete no Gal
Isekai Shokudou
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi
Jikan no Shihaisha
Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
Knight's & Magic
Koi to Uso
Made in Abyss
Nanamaru Sanbatsu
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
Pikotarou no Lullaby Lu-llaby
Princess Principal
Shoukoku no Altair
Teekyuu 9
Tenshi no 3P!
The Reflection
Tsuredure Children
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Pretty good season.
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>that will do it, maybe someone will bite heheh

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What do you think of Mio?
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Mio is my third favorite girl from the show.
A good friend to my wife Mugi.
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she's the worst girl, she is useless and dodesnt do anything meanful the entire show.

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Episode 11 of ID-0 is out for all 3 anons interested. I have to say I never expected to enjoy this series as much as I have despite my usual no 3DCG policy. What has everyone thought of this show so far?
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Nice episode, Addams should chill out now after that post credit scene.
> nice story / awesome ideas
> partially atrocious CGI
> that annoying nya girl
> that screaming robot thing
The goofy elements just ruin it.
We cant escape japanese tropes, its good that we at least get that displayed from the start (or somewhat in the beginning, yeah I know the loli was around episode 4 or 5 from my memory, I might be wrong) and set any expectation if we had any on how this would move forward.

This is your drama club sponsor for today
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This is your shitty gochiusa ripoff thread for today.
The show isn't that similar to Gochiusa though. This is much lewder.
this meme needs to end

Hinako note did it better

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This manga has the most thinskinned fanbase on /a/. Prove me wrong.
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Your a fucking fag
shit taste kys
his fucking fag what?

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I've always looked down on waifufags but now I have a waifu of my own. God help me.
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Not a bad choice.

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Everything about this, from the music, to the use of color and lighting, always mystified me.
>that metal
>those visuals
fucking choice

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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One day...png
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I don't like it.
But I love you all.

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What kind of porn does Tomoko masturbate to?
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Tomoko is a canon non-masturbator
Boku no Pico

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