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Why Gilko isn't canon yet? Why can't we have nice things in Fate?
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Why stop there? Let's turn everyone into a female except the self insert Mc. It'll be easier for you to mastubate
>Why Gilko isn't canon yet?
>Who is Angelica?
Self-insert MC can already be a girl or a boy
But anon, male Gil's abs are already a nice thing, and if that's not enough, you have shota Gil. Don't whine about the rest and celebrate what you have.

Homura is the kind of gal that would jack you off while you watch Madoka's show.
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I fapped to those legs quite a few time, the picture is simply great.
Captcha: Mello JEWSON
Why would anyone want to be jacked off, people have hands they can do it themselves.
She has a mouth, why not use that.
Her mouth is reserved for Madoka.

Seriously what the FUCK was her problem?
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>but tsunderes are so cutes anon-kun-sama!
tsunderes are cute when they're not being total bitches for no reason to the MC's.

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anime doritos.png
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>canonical colors don't fit mental image of manga character
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Always tought Ochako was blond before.
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>adaptation voice sounds nothing like what i imagined while reading
>think character has black hair
>it's light purple

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>draw a loli
>call it a shota

literally fucking why
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Was he gay for Endou?
Anime is progressive!
>the show literally evolves into fighting an alien soccerteam in space

Inazuma eleven is so fucking weird

Pink hair is like cotton candy and will always be best girl
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Cotton candy is fucking revolting.
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Hush now child
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At this point, /a/ and /e/ are the same.

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He's right you know
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He's an idiot and doesn't know what he's talking about.
Old man can't deal with technology.
>Miyazaki in the Black Lodge
Serves him right.

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Why was this series so shit? Why do people keep on making excuses for the shitty animation? Why do people keep on making excuses for the shitty bland characters?
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They want to espace from their shitty lives.
it's a satire bro you just don't get it
Peer pressure.

Hey, please answer fast, is Eden it's an endless world really that good of a series? There's a bookstore closing down near my house and they're selling the first 3 volumes for 70% off.

I know they're highly regarded but I don't know anything about them, and I'm afraid someone else will buy them If I wait, should I buy them now? I really like cyber punk and futuristic stories in general, and the covers seem to give out that vibe.
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There's this amazing resource called google, you should check it out, you might even be able to read the manga online and find this shit out for yourself.
I'm asking for fast opinions because I don't have time to do a good amount of research right now.

All I want is a "yes it's good", or "no it's not good".
Despite some flaws, the whole package is amazing.

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>watching OVAs
I sincerely hope you don't do this
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What's wrong with OVAs.
And I sincerely hope you don't post here.
But we cannot get everything we want, OP.
What? Like, in general? I don't get it.

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There are only 2 was this show could end now:

1 (the only reasonable choice): Shindo makes both ZaShunina and Tsukai realize the wrongness of their ways and propose a mediation between the two: humans will obtain advancement through the anisotropic devices, but without giving up their nature and world.

2 (the choice that will single-handedly destroy everything good the show had to offer): Tsukai is the "good girl" and in the end everyone including ZaShunina just agrees to her rethoric bullshit and go along with her.
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How is middle a man if he's an alien? Why doesn't he project as a girl if he can look like a human? I mean the girl on the left has an edge over him
It became pretty clear even before Tsukai was revealed as an infallible goddess that everything she said was right, and not doing what she says is the real wrong answer. I've lost all hope for a satisfying ending to what was one of my favorite sci-fi shows of the last five years.
>3. Ningens create a weapon using the gifts zaShunina gave them to destroy him/kick him out of the universe and back to Novo. Shindo and Tsukai get married and have a child. Shyamalan twist as the baby has white hair and red eyes.

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He sure is
Subs fucking when
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You share an incredible bond with your waifu anon, be sure to cherish it and all the joy it brings you.

Let's get things rolling!

Do they enjoy music?

Would they enjoy listening to the music you enjoy?
Make a mixtape you'd give your love as a youtube playlist of around 10 songs that remind you of them or that help describe how you feel about them! (Hard mode: only songs unrelated to them or their series)

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all absolutely mindblowingly stunning!
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We both enjoy some nice music in the background, but we don't actively listen to songs most of the time. We're not very musical people
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Konata - 718 - 600x938.jpg
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Lots of stuff to do tonight but I'll still try to answer as much as I can!

That's a cute Mint pic! I wonder if she'd have some fancy adapted headphones to suit her second set of ears? Would be pretty neat.

>Do they enjoy music?
She does! Just in... a bit of a silly way. The vast majority of what she'll listen to is anison or other nerdy stuff which most people probably wouldn't recognize or understand. So it's kinda listening to music, but a lot of that's because it's from somewhere, rather than just music for music's sake. Listening to it on its own while not doing anything just makes her want to go watch or play what the music's from too, and it influences a decent amount of what she'll sing in things like karaoke too.

>Would they enjoy listening to the music you enjoy?
I listen to such a range that she'd probably enjoy at least some of it.
We share listening to anison, so that's one thing to start, if it was anything heavy she'd probably start (usually sarcastically) imitating the people singing/playing it, and if it's anything too soft she'd get a little bored. Or she'd get mad at me for putting it on, because it makes her fall asleep and she's waiting for something to air or something to happen in her MMO in a while.

The fact we both drive and are both offered opportunities to listen to eurobeat while doing so is a bit of a recipe for disaster though.

>Make a mixtape you'd give your love as a youtube playlist of around 10 songs
Oh man, that would take literal hours to do, in part because I mainly listen to auto-playlisted stuff in the background these days.
There's a couple of songs which remind me of her and my feelings off the top of my head, but usually my thoughts are just spurred by the most random of things in songs - if something's talking about romance, my mind immediately jumps to her and it makes the whole song a lot sweeter.
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>Do they enjoy music?
Yes, she loves it. She sings really nice and her voice is wonderful.
>Would they enjoy listening to the music you enjoy?
I don't know. I don't really enjoy music that much, but I'd love to spend time with her so it might be fun.
>Make a mixtape you'd give your love as a youtube playlist of around 10 songs that remind you of them or that help describe how you feel about them! (Hard mode: only songs unrelated to them or their series)
It's hard to do it without her songs since I basically only listen to her.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFPbEs1XjmE would be a good start.
Also if I were to include her songs, they would fit nicely:

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It's already been 12 fucking episodes. Why is it so boring? It's even worse than Shippuden. What the fuck, why did they even make this anime to begin with?
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I think it's really fun. All those slice-of-life episodes are a nice change after the long and tedious war, and I like how well it makes use of the setting. Always liked the Naruto Universe and am happy to finally see more of it.
Why are you watching it in the first place? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Already told you. Why are you not watching it?

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Itt we give out quirks and let other anons decide if it's balanced.

Telekinesis: can levitate any one, inorganic object, within my line of sight at a time but it has to be something I could lift naturally and I get similarly exhausted depending on the weight
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the ability to temporarily upgrade things.
ex. make a sword 50% sharper or armor 50% more resistant.
obviously wouldn't work on living things.
The ability to freely move coins, however you're only able to move one coin at a time and the maximum speed is as fast as the speed of an average person fast-walking.
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