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Mashira Chapter 2
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Thread Theme
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Do you ever self-insert as the MC?
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I'm a 6'5 American college student with no job prospects, how the fuck could I ever self insert into an anime MC?
Never even once.
>no job prospects
why not pick up a trade?

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Will KyoAni make anything this good ever again?
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Amagi Brilliant Park isn't old enough you're allowed to forget it.
Kyoukai no Kanata was about as mediocre as Haruhi.
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I'm going to post her everyday, until you like her.
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>implying I don't already
Why doesn't Araragi rape her constantly? You can't be arrested for fucking a ghost.
W-who is she?

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3x3 and 2x2 threads are gay.
You can only truly get a sense for someone's taste by narrowing it down to one item.
1x1 threads are the future
Don't forget to rate.
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good taste OP.
Here's mine
Thinnest veiled rec thread I've seen in a minute
>in a minute
stop with this niggerspeak

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Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level!?
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it says his balls are inert
It's a dead meme.

The days where you don't want to die so much that you could die in way that is dull to the same extent as the way that the days which are so dull that they make you want to die make you want to die.

Or at least that's how I'd translate the title.

It's by Abe Tomomi, the author of Chii-chan wa Chotto Tarinai
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Each chapter has a different story and characters. I noticed only the first chapter was translated.

I've been looking for a project to translate. Is anyone interested?

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Well, I guess I'll post a few more. Don't want to spam the board if no one's interested though. Here's the title page.
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Been watching Anime since I was 9. I'm 18 now. Just finished Toradora. There's no going back.

I'll never find an anime better then Toradora. I killed my drive to watch new series now, nothing will ever compare. WARNING TO ALL: If you haven't watched Toradora, don't because it's literally the greatest love story of all time. Fuck it, it's the greatest story of all time period, and if you watch it you will only compare everything else you watch to Toradora, and be dissapointed.

Nothing you watch after Toradora will ever even be good just because you're comparing it to something mind blowing.

Making anything this wonderful should be illegal.
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Dunning–Kruger anyone?
eh it was okay
watching toradora made me realize that i prefer comfy romance stories in manga form rather than as anime
Oh, grow up.

You're still a goddamn child, anon.

Get off my goddamned internet lawn.

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Tanoshii? Goblin Slayer already got a korean translation... oh well.

Naked Toki to get your attention.
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sorry for the low resolution, got these from baidu.
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sidekick number 1 and 2 in the background
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Toki is seeing things...

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Alright peasants. Shonen Jump has become so desperate that they're searching through the bottom of the barrel for a rare gem.
The grand prize is $10,000 dollarydoos and I have the munchies so start churning out plots worthy of Kishimoto-sensei(I mean at least it's not Kubo)
Now to think of what hentai I'm going to buy with my prize money
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>Kishi is the head judge
Jesus fuck, desperation is an understatement.
So all i need is furry as the mc and make the girls as unlikeable and weak as it gets? Oh right and an edgelord who turns out to be the actual mc.
would you prefer Oda?

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I want to get into this series but there's like 10 different *gataris, where the fuck do I start?
Wikipedia, airing order.
It ain't rocket science, anon.
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release order

Bakemonogatari .> Nisemonogatari -> Nekomonogatari: Kuro -> Monogatari Series: Second Season - > Hanamonogatari -> Tsukimonogatari -> Owarimonogatari -> Koyomimnogatari Kizumonogatari movies -> Owarimonogatari Second Season

if bakemonogatari doesn't click with you, you won't like the rest. if you hated the fan service, you'll dislike nisemonogatari, which is basically a softcore porn.

if you're short on time i'd just recommend bakemonogatari, nisemonogatari, a few monogatari ss chapters (tsubasa tiger, mayoi jiangshi, nadeko medusa, hitagi end), and the kizumonogatari movies.

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does /a/ like giant girls?
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Well giant girls can unbirth me completely so that's a plus.
well most people on /a/ are below 165 so for them most girls are giant girls

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Was Donovan a typical nigga?
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Yes and no

They don't usually PAY to rape lil boys
they do hunt them on isolated areas

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>reading manga
>TL note explains something that is essentially common knowledge to even people that have the slightest interest in Japan
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>oh no there was a thing that was explained that I already knew, how horrible
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ghibli girl.png
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>reading translated anything
>honorifics aren't left as is
If nothing ever explained that, how would you have found out in the first place?

It's only so obvious because there are so many ways to obtain that information without actually being there personally.

I want to protect Schierke
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I'd fuck her
Do you expect something bad to happen to her?
>the only moment of 1 min+ of solid 2D animation was to celebrate the lolis change of clothes
>instead of any of the fights or the donning of the berserker armor
really shows you where the studios priorities are, its literally like that picture interviewing an animation artist where he goes "i like to draw cute anime girls, look at how cute she is!" embodied into a show.

really gets the noggin joggin

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