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Was it the greatest love story ever told?
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One of the worst manga ever written.
I heard the author wrote it when he was 10 years old. It shows.
Kill yourself.
If Exorcio was a constantly evolving danger beast, cant Tatami evolve into humanoid form

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>this series got picked up, licensed and sold in bookstores solely because scanlators hyped it

How does it feel that manga sales in the west are being driven by scanlators telling companies what to pick up?
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I think I would hate this manga less if the gay lover wasn't a fucking stupid canadian.
It also ended. Does anyone read last chapter?
This looks like your typical gay porno. It is porn isn't it?

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Fill in the blanks in a way that would sell you on an anime.
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Cute disabled girls doing cute disabled things
Autistic girls doing dumb things.

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Why does everyone shit on this here? The girls are 10x better than Clannad, and it's actually very enjoyable.
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I liked it.
It came out at a time when people were more insecure about what anime they liked and since this was moeshit, it had a bad stigma among those preferring more "mature" anime or shows with more fighting in them.

Also "am i kawaii uguu".
Mai a best. This is not up for debate.

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>I was surprised by how humble all the anime staff in the studio were, and how terrible their living conditions were, compared to the situation in the animation industry in the West. In a nutshell, the money don’t flow back to the animators (and other workers)—they are poor. Most of them spend most of their lives sat at their desks and are single because they have either not enough time or not enough money to build a family. Some of them are also extremely shy, like they cannot even answer you when you say hello. It can be disturbing at first.

How does it feel to know you are complicit in ruining their lives?
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>the money don’t flow back to the animators (and other workers)

feels like it wouldn't be my fault even if i didn't pay money for anime
oy goyim, remember to buy that crunchyroll subscription to support anime

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Some random pages from EBJ since you can basically read the first 33 pages from their sample.
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Who else is still following Fuuka?
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Fuuka 2.0 is a sex addict.
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Fuck your truck

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Is this the future of escapism?
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no its the path to the salvation of mankind
Of all the anime girl's they had to chose Asuna?
>Wake me up Asuna
Only if it's the Abridge Asuna.

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Well, /a/? Are you?
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No, I pudding
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>She M I L C C me

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How many dicks did she suck for those apples?
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0 + 60 niggers
She could have just stolen them with her powers?
Kyoko A CUTE is pure

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Why are there so few interracial couples in anime and manga?

There are like two? This, and Bob from Tenjho Tenge.
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Also, Mallow & Lillie.
Obviously the OP isn't actually a couple, and he knows it. But you're that obsessed shitposter who tries to push Mao x Lillie in every single pokemon thread you can find. Get over it, there's nothing between them.
Never bother with anime but in the game Mao is the first few people tried to befriend Lillie apart from the protagonist. I would like to see more platonic interaction between them. The fire/water/grass trio kind of became irrelevant in the later part of the game (compare Acerola,Fatty(due to the social minigame) and even fuckboy was name dropped by Mina during the last trial).

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Sequel never.

OVA series never.

TV anime never.
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Wasn't a sequel confirmed literally just the other day?
it's shit
OP btfo

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You might not like it, but this is what peak waifu looks like
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She only opens her eyes for anal.
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I beg to differ
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Would you watch a DBZ spin off that focuses on the adventures of Gohan before the Saiyan Saga?
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I actually loved those episodes but I don't trust them to do a good job of it now.
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His name is Wùfàn, not "Gohan" you fucking weeb. Do you call Vegeta "Beziita"? Do you call Trunks "Torankusu"?
Why the fuck won't you use SūnWùfàn's proper name?
>being this autistic

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Is this accurate?
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Megumin isn't a loli.
Is Megumeme even considered a loli? She doesn't look like one.
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>implying multiple waifus

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