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Design wise Sagiri > Kirino
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Heterosexuality wise LGBT pride parade > OP
If there's no kiss at the end I will riot.
>generic silver haired heroine

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She’ll turn him down, isn't she?
I'm sure of it, his personality would make him do that even though she also has feelings for him.
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Should find out in about a week and a half from now.
Nice English you have there.
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Call me delusional but I had hoped that his falling in love was with Mana Tatsumiya.
I know she did not have much screen time and wasn't just very close to him. But..... I think those two would have been very good together.

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>From hand holding straight to wanting to fuck
Wow she is escalating fast.
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It's actually the inverse nowadays
So like glassesbro is gay right?

I've been watching this anime.
There's a lot of loser middle school kids in it. They improve over the course the year they spend with that yellow thing.
Getting better grades and getting better at life. There's a backstory for what they do every time they do it, so it doesn't feel like an asspull.
It just makes me feel like shit.
I never tried to get good grades that hard.
I just sit around at home with lots of free time playing vidya and watching anime.

Anime is supposed to make me feel better but instead it making me wish I wasn't lazy and that I was actually pushing myself past the limits I've set for myself.
Do you know that feel?
How do you deal with it?
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nice blog post idiot
It's not a blog post.
They're just feelings that arise from watching this anime
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>There's a lot of loser middle school kids in it. They improve over the course the year they spend with that yellow thing.

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So he fails the exam, Chinatsu ending basically confirmed.

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Failing the exam doesn't make it a Chinatsu ending
At this point I don't even want Chinatsu to end up with him. She deserves better than that punk.
It does, just wait for it.

>Last year, Hideaki Anno’s Studio Khara sued Gainax of Evangelion fame for unpaid royalities. A Tokyo District court has ruled in Anno’s favor, with a judge ordering Gainax to pay the full 100 million yen (around US$900,000).


Will Evangelion 4.44 be fast tracked?

How does that make you feel, Shinji?
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They're not bankrupt yet?
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Are the fate servants buffed or nerfed from their original mythological origins?
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Discuss abilites, feats and other fun stuff.
Both, some are nerfed, some are buffed.
But i think most of them are nerfed due to class limitation.

Arthurian legends are more related to Roman customs than middle age lore. She should look more Mediterranean than blond with blue eyes.

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Did you?
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Pls be smarter anon
Seems like we average like 1 good footjob scene every 5 years. Truly suffering.

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How can one character be so based?
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Does he bang someone in the anime/manga at some point?

I only read first few chapters.
just realized onizuka is 22.
i am 28.

damn time flies.
Wasn't he 25? Or is that Kintaro from Golden Boy?

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was she a slut?
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Not that much.
Probably cheated on him once in the past, but she's been faithful for most of it (pregnancy and wedding included)
>cheated once
>not that much

She's a slut

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Alright, who let the fujos do the official art?
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Show was fujobait.
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They've crossed the line
The art is very good though

2 weeks
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I want to fuck Mahmut Tughril
>only Mahmut
>not threesome with Arslan
you need to step up your game senpai
crossover doujin when?
Yup, this is going to be good.

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Why do people hate modern art style and stick to the same old shit from 80's and 90's?

Pic related.
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I don't hate modern art style. I just hate that particular style on the right and think it's an embarrassment to the legacy of the one on the left.
>80's and 90's
Miyazhacki's artstyle never evolved past the 70s with his ugly monkey faces. The new one is an improvement.
The one on the right could be good if it wasn't such an obvious way to turn a child into fapbait waifu #57394468829976399.

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It would have looked great in 2D.
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It looks better than I was expecting when I heard it'd be CG, but yeah, it could have really been something in 2D. What a shame.
this. Still i guess ill use this opportunity to watch one of these 3D anime and get on with the times.
>doubting Orange
they made the best looking anime styled CG, just look at Kancolle battle scene it's almost indistinguishable

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