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Will the suffering ever end?
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Old and busted
New waifu
>thinking the suffering will ever end when they get power up from despair

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Dokyuu Hentai HxEros.png
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How does japan come up with this shit?

You start a new manga and the first line is
>Someone once said, Hero is written with the words H and Ero

And you just know its going to be a quality story.
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Picked up
>>Someone once said, Hero is written with the words H and Ero
Natural genius right there.
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>Guys name is 'Retto'
>'Accidentally' gets in pic related situation

I wonder where they got their inspiration from?

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Spoiler are out and the story is moving faster than ever before. Get ready for Meliodas original sin. He is finally ready to share his story.
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Pic 2:
What the hell is going on?
I don't… understand either… Will Elizabeth be all right?

Merlin, you haven't figured out the cause?

It must be the effect from interfering with Zeldris' magic when she dispelled my curse.

Then… Elizabeth has fallen to the curse?

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Pic 3:
She's started to regain her memories…


Her memories?
You mean… the ones of her previous lives!? That's great!!

Hmm? Previous lives? What's he talking about?
King, it's definitely shocking!!

What!! You said she had reincarnated so many times, forgetting the memories of her previous lives for 3000 years!?
Whaaaat!? No way!?
That's why Elizabeth told us she wanted to regain the memories of her previous lives.
Pic 4:
Watch your language, Diane!!

Wh… what? Why-

Captain's the mean one!!
He purposely ignored what Elizabeth said.

…it's over now. It won't be so long until she gets all her memories back…
Once all her memories are back,

ITT: 10/10 episodes
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I don't care what anyone says, it's not incest.
music ex machina phase 1 and 2
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What do you think about chinese anime?

Not looking for recommendations just general opinion on them.
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>chinese anime
What the fuck do you think anime means? It's Japanese cartoons. This is a board for Japanese cartoons. Your thread about Chinese cartoons is not about Japanese cartoons. Your thread is not about anime. It is off-topic. It does not belong on /a/. You are breaking the rules. Fuck off.
I'd be careful with that.
Mods already confirmed they are accepted to discuss korean and chink manga/anime/LN on /a/
Anime is short for animation. This board mainly focuses on jap-animation, but like with everything china knocked it off. Now Chinese anime exists. Now discuss Chinese anime in thread, or fuck off.

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Screenshot (570).png
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Us Utaha-fags win!

Get rekt everybody else!
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Oh wow I thought this was a dragon dildo at first.
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Screenshot (567).png
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Remember to sage and report the newfag cancer, guys.

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This is Emiya Miyu, and her big brother, Emiya Shirou!
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That's nice and all but where is her cute wife, Illyasviel?
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Do you think he still gets nightmares of her burning in the grailmud?

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I'm buying somebody some berserk graphic novels as a gift. They've seen all the animes that exist, up to this point, but never really read it

knowing that, are there any volumes that are particularly respected, knowing they might want to jump around some and probbaly arent going to read the entire run? Kind of a "best of berserk" so to speak
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Why don't you just give them the first few volumes? Why do people think that /a/ is an advice board for every little stupid question?
why post if you didn't read the question and didn't provide a helpful answer

why would i give the first volumes to someone who's arleady seen them in 3 different forms
give them the lost children arc
thatll fix em good

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This will probably be shit but my penis cannot resist the power of gyarus

Will you be watch this, /a/?
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Just gonna read the inevitable NTR doujins.
Usually mangafags talk the source material up, but this time they keep saying the MC is a fag, and the side characters are insufferable. I don't know if I want to try it.

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I just watched both seasons, I had never seen it before. I loved it.

I wish I had watched it when it was current so I could have seen the threads here.

I had a few questions.
Is that L-Elf's great-grandson in the timeskip scenes? So he became the ruler of the new empire? Who did he marry, Shouko?

How popular was it here while it was airing? It was four years ago, so it was airing the same time Kill La Kill was I guess.
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>Is that L-Elf's great-grandson in the timeskip scenes?
It's implied he's his descendant, yes. Last drama cd implies L-elf is leading M77 (which goes on to become the empire). We don't know if he took on any sort of royal title, though, that could have happened later down his line.

>Who did he marry, Shouko?
No. We don't know.

>How popular was it here while it was airing?
Had almost constant, fun, lively threads. Board blew up after the rape episode. Anons will even insist the show was only good if you watched it with /a/ and mostly hate on it now.
Rukino and communist one-san got me that time
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1MB, 1280x720px
>Board blew up after the rape episode.

Yeah I figured.

>Anons will even insist the show was only good if you watched it with /a/ and mostly hate on it now

That's too bad, I really enjoyed it from start to finish. I figured the second season would drop off because they usually do, but it was consistently good all the way through.

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What's wrong with this ending, it doesn't make zense.
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You know, I liked it the first time I watched it, but the second time it didn't seem to fit together very well. Reminded me of the ending to Ocean Waves, but with less import.
This was the shittiest pun I've seen in while. Congrats 1/20

I unironically want a second season

There's not enough yuri out there without all the touchy-feely emotional shit, and the action is the icing on the cake
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A second season was already planned beforehand despite the terrible sales. The show was terrible and a second season will be so budget.
I want to see more of the fat ginger girl.
She was cute.
That's because they want to attract thirsty loser straight chicks and faggy dudes.

The kind of hardcore lez porn shown in that? It's pure hard core real goldstar dyke porn for pure hardcore goldstar dykes porno.

Not much love for that kind of thing.

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"Me and Bertholdt tried to kill all of humanity 5 years ago."

That's how it SHOULD go but it never would. Instead they have to spend 3 days staring at each other and twitching like morons and then pretending that in this world with 200ft giants it's not possible to believe that this random dude had a secret, because he saved you once or something.

My question is this: Why are people in animes dumbstruck for 23/24 hours of the day? Do the creators think real people do that? And also, if someone managed to NOT be dumbstruck whenever anything mildly unexpected happens would they be able to take over the entire anime world with their superior ability to act when they should instead of waiting for 35 years and then acting?
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>i'm autistic and don't understand human emotions like shock
They are shocked 15 times per episode. That's not how humans work, if it was we'd have been wiped out in the stone age.
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starting today.jpg
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As soon as this happened I fucking knew we would never stop discussing it

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What the fuck was the mangaka's problem? The ending is disgusting.
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She ran out of ideas an just turned the manga into a medium for her shitty daddyfucking fantasies
Is the typical "muh not blood related" meme
It was foreshadowed for sure, and you can interpret it as another of Daikichi's sacrifices for the girl he sees as his daughter, but to everyone who inserted as Daikichi in the story (ie. every male), it's just so fucking uncomfortable. It's when self-inserting comes back to bite you in the ass. The author is female, and I've heard that the ending isn't as out there for females as it is for males, probably because they aren't self-inserting as Daikichi.

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Zaregoto delayed
Owarimonogatari pv delayed
Fireworks manga Sales failed
SHAFT Encyclopedia delayed
FE delayed
Madoka Smartphone Game delayed
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Make more SZS.
2/3rds of the shit on there has nothing to do with SHAFT.
Or more adaptations of Kumeta's mangas, Katte ni Kaizou was fine.

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