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This is an elf from a cooking manga resurrecting a previously digested cleric with the blood of a dragon.

It's pretty good
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Why is Marcille such a CUTE?
You had two sentences. Decided against spoiling both and not spoiling either. Then chose what was, according to your opinion, the most appropriate one to conceal.
Totally nailed it.
may she be the author's self insert?

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Uchiha niggers.png
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What's the best way to deal with a race who's biologically prone to violence?
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Assemble the army

Murder the violence out of them
Breed with them until their genes die off
Let them in and be culturally enriched. You see violent subhumans, but they are actually doctors, lawyers, and scientists, at least on paper they are.

What is /a/ opinion on Detective Conan? What's better, anime or manga?
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Haibara is best girl
The cases are really hit or miss and are getting kinda repetitive. Author please move this shit forward.

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- Game release date announced (Jun 26)
- 3.5 official webpage released ( https://symphogear.bushimo.jp/threepointfive )
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less than 3 days to go...
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Please listen to my radio show.

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26 episodes hype?
Welcome to the Ballroom new key visual.
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2 cours? Cool.
Fuck yes.
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You have to admit, the art and girls of Gochiusa are so beautiful. I can see why Gochiusa is so popular and has the best fanbase in the world.
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I want to fill Chiya's Japanese womb with my gaijin semen.
It has the best threads on /a/, pure board culture.

>Kakegurui 042 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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I was wondering when this'd pop up. Thanks man.
MUH cock.
YES, thanks.

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I unironically like this anime, but /a/ thinks I'm disgusting for it. :(
I want more original animes like this, but there'll never be another season. Instead I'll have to settle with "copy pasted been done before to death" type anime.
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Don't use emoticons on /a/.
/a/ probably thinks you're disgusting for other reasons senpai

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Bunny Porn Mag.png
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This is basically Zootopia if it was rated M15+
Includes sex, drugs, murder, lots of violence, and a love triangle between a wolf, deer, and bunny rabbit.

Plus, a panda-man who looks like he came straight out of Rambo.
I highly recommend it.
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sounds hot anon ill give it a go. thanks!
I agree it is good manga.

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I just watched Fate/Stay Night German Dub and I never watched/read Fate before. Can someone explain this scene? As far as I understood, The Caster (or magician or whatever) had to mindbreak(?) her with torture to steal her control from Shirou, but why was her dress changed?
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caster likes playing dress up

its a blatant fanservice moment, dont think too hard about it
It's fucking stupid, but the explanation you get in the game is basically that Caster is making her feel continual sexual pleasure (to try and break her so she'll obey the command spell) and gets off on the thought of Saber being sexually corrupted despite being a virgin. White dress has to do with the virginity aspect.
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Cuck fans like a cuck series because "It's not cucking if there's no penetration!" or "It's not cucking if it's worms!"

Do yourself a favor and drop it all (Including that moon cat vampire bullshit series thing) entirely

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What was her problem
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The world couldn't handle her strength.
She was too perfect.
She's surrounded by bitches and whores.

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So I started watching this, am I too late guys?
Jesus that OP is faaantastic.
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Wait until you hear the ED.
by like ten years.
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Too late anon

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Pick one
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Bottom left > top left > middle > right

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New Bang Dream Seiyu Live should be starting anyday now.

Tonight, they will announce who won the election and who will be getting a new single (HHW)
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This is not one of Bang-You's finest projects. He's been really quiet about it on his Twitter and Pixiv, too.
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Tae and Rimi's singles were on sale June 21st.

Flowerstand/Message/Callbook is being organised.

2nd Roselia single will be released on June 28.

Roselia live on 30th June titled Rosenlied.
HHW 1st single announced.

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ryuuko chan.jpg
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Beautiful tomboy goes on a hotblooded murderous warpath against dystopian sci-fi city lead by a imperialistic handsome ojou-sama

How is this not 10/10 just by the premise alone?
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It gets tired halfway through
8+1/10 for nonon thoufh
You're forgeting the alien clothes

But KLK was _FUN_
They are lesbians and lesbians are shit.

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