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Is idolmaster just a glorified harem?
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The girls are pure, so no.

The Re-kan blu rays sure came out nice and clear.
They fixed that 5% blur.
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One of the comfiest shows that season.
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The story was retarded; the show was blurry and poorly animated; the seiyuu's only had one emotion: bored; Amami wasn't even that cute.
post em then

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Do you want KyoAni to do more adult protagonists?
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Matters on the adult things they do.
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Kyoani cakes are the best.
While I really don't like adult protagonists, I gotta say that since KyoAni is notoriously anti-lolicon, it would be better if they did what they like, so yes, they should focus on adult girls.

Why don't you watch Detective Conan?
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Too busy re-watching Magic Kaito and despairing over season 2 never.
I don't have enough time, I could watch a million other anime in that time
i only read the source material. anime is for pleb

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Only if it's a tattoo of a womb.
It's my newest fetish.

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Why this hated so much?
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Some of us aren't underagebans, anon.
because it's a fusion between naruto and fairy tail aka complete shit

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When did you accept that less is more?
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Like 10 years ago.
When I became a man.
Thought she was oppai from the thumbnail.

Flat chest is fucking garbage.

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Bleach and Naruto ended long time ago and FT is about to end as well. Rank them from best to worst.
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Naruto > Bleach >>>>>>>>>>>>> FT

And Naruto isn't even that good.
Fairy tale < bleach < naruto < shit.

This. Not even difficult.

Naruto isn't bad though. If it weren't so popular, I guarantee you it would be liked more here.

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Honest thoughts on Fate?
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Meme series
I personally don't like it, but it's gotten pretty huge so I guess I'm missing something.
It's still annoying.
Fate is JoJo for hipsters

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Panda a shit

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This is actually canon. Where did everything go so wrong?
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Hata's wild ride came crashing down after he realized he wasn't able to make anything better than TEoTW arc and should have left it for the last. He tried to cash in the idol craze of the early 2010s resulting in doujin Namek. After that he realized he had derailed Hayate so much from his original intention into a SoL that any attempt to go back on track would result into a fucking disaster.

And it didn't stop him from trying anyways. The ending was a disaster, so he's probably trying to explain a plot point that he tried to put on his manga before he realized he was a talentless hack.
Say what you want, he still gets to keep all the dosh.
dont read moon, whats up ?

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the great debate.
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Yeild fool, for there is an even greater debate.
I liked both, now what?
They were both good for different reasons, though I think on some level I was really disappointed by how pretty much every single homunculus that wasn't Pride, Wrath, or Greed wound up being kind of a joke in the manga/Brotherhood. Flame Alchemy truly is complete fucking bullshit, no wonder it was so carefully guarded.

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What did he say?
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no way fag
Sofia Coppola will copy this
"Asuka a shit"

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Which studio should handle the inevitable anime adaptation?
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DEEN, they are a good studio again.
Are you sure?
Why is the adaption inevitable?

This is the one by the HakoMari author, right? I remember hearing that the story was good but the sales weren't.

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How come boys make for best succubi
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>horns used as hair tie accessories
I might have a new fetish.
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Because the unknown pleasure of a woman overwhelms them until they can do nothing but crave it
They don't, you're just a queer in denial.

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